Bad file descriptor

  • toni

    toni - 2010-01-27


    I am trying to debug perl script using apache, modper and epic using the perl remote option.
    I am starting the debug in the eclipse, also apache is started in debug mode. But when hit the
    link in the browser, apache just stops the debug mode and in the error log i found the following error

    Failed to dup STDIN: Bad file descriptor.
    at -e line 0

    Please help me to resolve this error

    Thanks in advance

  • toni

    toni - 2010-01-28

    yes. I have followed the same tutorial only

  • eihctiR

    eihctiR - 2013-01-02

    Was this issue ever resolved? I am experiencing the same issue after following the steps in that same blog. I'm using ActivePerl 5.10, Apache 2.2, Indigo release of Eclipse, and the latest EPIC release. I'm running on Windows 7 32 bit.

    This problem happens every time I start Apache in Debug mode even without Apache::DB. The service terminates when any request is made and
           Failed to dup STDIN: Bad file descriptor.
            at -e line 0
    appears in the error log.

  • eihctiR

    eihctiR - 2013-01-03

    I have solved this problem by running Apache in console mode instead of as a service. Instead of "httpd -X -k start" run "httpd -X"  in command line. This seems solve this problem in Windows 7.


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