Source Formatter deleted part of code?

  • Markus Dreyer

    Markus Dreyer - 2003-12-01

    I have been working with epic a lot during the last weeks. I use the Code Formatter every couple of minutes. But it might have killed a part of my code twice. I don't know why exactly that happened, but I started the code formatter (Strg-Shift-F) and code below the visible part was lost. Maybe I pressed another key too quickly or sth different happened. It didn't happen again, but maybe you should have a look at it if this happens to others too.

    • Ben Imp

      Ben Imp - 2003-12-01

      I personally have not had this happen.  I believe the source formatter just calls perltidy, and I have never had a problem with that before either - and its been around for a bit.


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