Rename in order to make import work

  • Dirk Gfroerer

    Dirk Gfroerer - 2003-06-01


    if one wants to import the current plugin source with eclipse, the import wizard is not able to extract the source code to the repository. Renaming the file to (respectively to helps. However now the files are placed in xx/src/org.eclipse and need to be moved up one directory (or change the properties).

    Or is there an other (better) way to start reading the source code?


    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2003-06-02

      Hi Dirk,

      actually I never tried to import the sources.
      So if I can make things better let me know.
      What should work is to create a new plugin project, copy the source files to the src directory of the new project and take the .classpath file from CVS. You might have adapt the .classpath file.
      Onother option is to use CVS.
      If there are any problems please send me a mail (luelljoc at



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