"This Project Has Not Released Any Files"

  • Markus Dreyer

    Markus Dreyer - 2003-11-20

    I wonder why you do not use the normal sourceforge infrastructure. The sourecforge page says: "This Project Has Not Released Any Files"

    But actually, it would be useful to use CVS and store the different versions there, with real version numbers, I would say...

    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2003-11-22

      Hi Markus,

      when we have the first stable version (this also includes the debugger) there will be a release on the sourceforge project page.
      Because the amount of time I can spend on the project is very limited I decided to release the files on the epic homepage for the time being, which is the easiest way for me.
      I try to set labels in CVS (V-0_1_0-2003_xx_xx), so it should be possible to extract certain versions.
      It is also planned to support the eclipse update manager for stable releases.
      But as my time is limited, I have to set priorities, so some things might not be done the way they should be.



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