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  • abhishekisnot

    abhishekisnot - 2012-02-27

    I followed build instructions as mentioned in:

    and checked out the projecy from HEAD. But, there are still few build problems:

    1. /ANTLR/ - The import org.epic.debug.PerlDB cannot be resolved
    2. /org.epic.ext.unsupported.colorer/src/org/epic/ext/unsupported/colorer/ - The import org.epic.perleditor.preferences.preview cannot be resolved
    3. /org.epic.ext.unsupported.colorer/src/org/epic/ext/unsupported/colorer/ - Below imports cannot be resolved:
    import org.epic.perleditor.views.model.Model;
    import org.epic.perleditor.views.model.Module;
    import org.epic.perleditor.views.model.Subroutine;
    4. /org.epic.ext.unsupported.colorer/src/org/epic/ext/unsupported/colorer/ uses many constants from org.epic.perleditor.preferences.PreferenceConstants which are not defined in this class.

    Am I missing something here

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2012-02-27

    Yes, you checked out too many projects, some of which are outdated. Only the following ones are "live":


    I suppose you could also leave out org.epic.perleditor-test (which only contains unit tests) and still get a successful build. One difficulty may be obtaining the ANTLR plugin - the update site doesn't seem to work any more. If that's an issue, I suppose I can upload a zip file that you can unzip into 'dropins' of your Eclipse installation to get it working.

    For the latest release (this weekend) I used GitHub as the source repository. CVS is migrated there and it is going to become the official repository from now on. I haven't prepared instructions for setting up an EPIC build using EGit just yet, but it's fairly simple. So you are encouraged to clone the projects directly from there:

  • abhishekisnot

    abhishekisnot - 2012-02-27

    Oh, I did not realize the other projects maybe unnecessary.

    I was wondering if below ANTLR plugins version will be suffice or I need to update (since I already have these installed)
    org.antlr - 2.7.6
    org.antlr.doc - 2.7.6
    org.antlr.eclipse.core - 4.1.0
    org.antlr.eclipse.ui - 4.1.1

    +1 for GitHub migration.

    And Thanks a lot for such a quick reply.

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2012-02-27

    These are exactly the versions that I have, so you should be all set.


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