Remote Debugging & source file issues

  • Daniel Kasak

    Daniel Kasak - 2010-03-22

    Hi people. I used to use EPIC quite a lot, and I'm now looking to give it another go. The main issue I used to have was that EPIC would show the source of local files I was debugging, and not the source of files on the remote server that was running the session being debugged. A quick search through the forums leads me to believe this is still the case. What's required to get this working properly? The 'competition' sends the entire source of each file being debugged from the remote server to the local PC. This should be possible with EPIC. Is it a monumental task? Does it involve coding in Java and Perl, or just Java? ( I don't do Java )

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2010-03-22

    Hi, the flaw is still there, and the task of fixing it indeed appears quite "monumental". If one wanted to do it right, the way to go would probably not be to copy around files, but rather to access remote file systems (there is an Eclipse plug-in called Remote System Explorer  that enables such access). It requires Java programming, understanding of the Eclipse "resource" concept, the current source file lookup logic, the RSE APIs, and it would also not hurt to check how other (better) Eclipse plug-ins solve this issue. Volunteers are welcome. ;-)


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