Roland Lammel - 2004-07-14

I have organized most of my projects to have the standard bin, lib, test file structure. When dealing with Perl (Sub-)Modules which are located in lib/Test/ modules located in lib/ and used from are not found.

E.g. for a file structure:

the package would look like this
package Test::Subtest;

use Debug;

Here the INC does not include the module correctly by default. So I have to set the Perl Include Path for the project.

If it would be possible to use Eclipse variables I could set the Perl Include Path to ${project_loc:/lib} which would solve all @INC problems, even when sharing the project for different people.

Currently I have to add a absolute filepath, the variables are not working (EPIC 0.3.0)

Another solution would be to detect default project layouts and add those lib dirs automatically (if some detected default layouts are documented in the great help, that should work too)

Any thoughts on this?