Running Perl Scripts in Eclipse Part2 --Hangs

  • Adam Zimmerman

    Adam Zimmerman - 2003-07-08

    I am having a problem trying to follow the steps given in a previous discussion.  Below are the steps that I found from the discussion thread:

    how to run Perl programs within Eclipse?

    1. Go to Run | External Tools | External Tools...
    2. Under Configurations, click on Program, then click New
    3. Type in a Name (e.g., Perl Script)
    4. On the Main tab enter the following information: Location (e.g., C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe), working directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Eclispe\workspace), and Arguments (e.g., -w ${resource_loc}).
    5. On the Common tab, choose Perl as the Run mode, then click External Tools to Display in favorites menu.
    6. Choose Apply, then Close

    I follow the steps outlined above

    7. Bring up a basic perl script that prints Hello World. ( Note it compiles at the command line)
    8. Click on Run->External Tools->Perl Script (Created above in step 1-6)
    Launching Perl Script Dialog Box Appears and then never progresses nor completes.
    It hangs indefinitely

    Windows 2000 SP2
    Eclipse Version 2.1
    Active State Perl Version 5.6.1 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot why it is hanging and not compiling?

    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2003-08-27


      Christopher has summarized his experiences in an article.

      This might help.


    • Adam Zimmerman

      Adam Zimmerman - 2003-08-29

      This works wonderfully.  Keep up the good work


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