Code Folding and Eclipse 3

Ivan Wills
  • Ivan Wills

    Ivan Wills - 2003-11-12

    I beleve that I read some where that in Eclipse 3 code folding will be part of the general editor. Will EPIC be able to use the code folding?
    I am very fond of this feature and think it would make EPIC perfect for my perl programming.

    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2003-11-22

      Hi Ivan,

      if Eclipse 3 supports code folding we will try to support it.
      I'm not aware that it's on the list for Eclipse, but I might be mistaken.
      Do you have a link ?


    • Ivan Wills

      Ivan Wills - 2003-12-02

      The eclipse draft plan

      has the following section about folding

      Improve text editor interaction. The text editor should support folding of text regions, which can be leveraged by the Java editor to collapse regions, such as an individual method's body or Javadoc comment, or the import declarations of a compilation unit. The text editor should also support splitting so that the user can simultaneously view and edit discontiguous regions of the same document. [Platform Text, JDT UI] [Theme: User experience] (37671)



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