Watch expressions

  • Amir E. Aharoni

    Amir E. Aharoni - 2007-06-14

    Jan, thanks a lot for fixing bug 1735629.

    Out of curiosity: Is there any chance that watch expressions will work any time soon? I'm sure that everyone will agree that using them is easier than scrolling through a long list of all the variables.

    I do admit that this EPIC problem caused me to refactor my code better, use less global variables and group my global constants into hashes which share a common theme.

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2007-06-19

      Amir, I have no immediate plans to implement watch expressions. I agree that it is desirable functionality, just don't have the time. One important lesson from the recent debugger enhancements is that adding a so-called watchfunction to perl5db (even an empty one) can greatly reduce the debugger's performance. I can imagine that watch expressions defined using the command-line interface might lead to similar performance problems.


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