specify keyboard shortcuts in Perl Editor?

Jim Graham
  • Jim Graham

    Jim Graham - 2003-10-24


      I'm wondering if it's possible to set keyboard shortcuts within Preferences/Perl EPIC/Editor.

      I'd like to be able to create a shortcut for Source/Content assist, or be able to do this from a right-click. Am I missing something?

      Thanks for any help

    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2003-10-25


      the content assist action should be triggered by pressing Ctrl+Space (or Command+Space if you are using a Mac) .


    • Christopher H. Laco

      Well, for that matter, is there a way to specify keyboard shortcuts for the External Tools configs?

      It would be nice if I could assign a keyboard shortcut for the run and make test configs in my External Tools.

      Maybe I'm just missing it.

    • Jim Graham

      Jim Graham - 2003-10-27

      With the context assist, my problem was that Ctrl-Space conflicted with the Emacs configuration "Set Mark".

      I couldn't figure out how to disable it in Emacs (no combination of removing and reassigning keys in Emacs and Global/Standard seemed to work) , so I reassigned it to another key binding.

      Thanks for your help.



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