installation does not work

  • Johann

    Johann - 2003-11-26

    I have the following setup:
    Win 2K Pro
    Eclipse 2.1
    Epic (latest as of 11/25/2003)

    I have unzipped the files to the plugin folder under the eclipse directory.
    I get none of the features...or options.
    - No camel icon for files
    - Nothing in the "open with..." drop down.

    Can anyone please point me to help docs, or post help here.

    Thank you


    • Ben Imp

      Ben Imp - 2003-12-02

      First of all, make sure you restart eclipse after unzipping.  They wont show up until you do.

      Secondly - the first time you open the Perl perspective you may have to go to Open Perspective->Other and then choose Perl from the myriad of options there.

      If you still cant see it ... I would try deleting the plugin folders for the epic editor and try reinstalling them.

    • Joe Somebody

      Joe Somebody - 2004-02-24

      I have the same problem. Further, there is no "Perl Perspective" in Open Perspective -> Other, nor is there a "Perl Project" in New -> Project. No Preferences -> Perl, no Perl Editor in the context menu.

      I CAN, however, do Show View -> Other -> RegExp.

      I've tried deleting the folders in the eclipse/plugins directory and reinstalling them. No luck.

      I'm using Eclipse 2.1.2 on Win2K,

      • Ben Imp

        Ben Imp - 2004-03-08

        Check your plugins directory underneath your eclipse root directory.  Make sure you actually have the all of the epic packages installed.  There should be 3 or 4 ( 4 with the spellchecker ) plugin folders inside with the prefix 'org.epic'.  You may have inadvertently only installed some of the features.


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