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Chris Beck
  • Chris Beck

    Chris Beck - 2004-05-18

    Hi everyone,

    I have epic working quite well (except for debugging) in M8.  I hear a lot of "Eclipse 3 should work but is unsupported, officially we only support 2.1"  Which is perfectly fair for a small volunteer project and I am extremly thankful for it's existence at all, let alone a pretty vibrant support community.


    The eclipse roadmap lists API freezing back in December:
    # Friday November 21, 2003 - Milestone 5 (3.0 M5) - initial API freeze for breaking changes - stable build reflecting progress
    # Friday December 19, 2003 - Milestone 6 (3.0 M6) - API freeze for breaking changes - stable build with focus on reducing the bug backlog and fixing memory leaks
    # Friday February 13, 2004 - Milestone 7 (3.0 M7) - stable build reflecting progress
    # Friday March 26, 2004 - Milestone 8 (3.0 M8) - stable build reflecting progress
    # Friday May 21, 2004 - Milestone 9 (3.0 M9) - stable build - feature complete - development freeze - lock down and testing beg

    So, since obviously coding is ongoing to work with E3, is there a road map (however tenuous) that might list your intentions wrt officially supporting E3?


    PS.  Thanks again.

    • Jochen Ruehl

      Jochen Ruehl - 2004-06-25


      when Eclipse 3.0 is out (30th of June) we will try to support it with minimal delay (should not take longer than a week).
      After EPIC has been ported to 3.0 support for 2.1.x will be discontinued.



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