fold elements on editor open support added

  • Jae Gangemi

    Jae Gangemi - 2006-08-11

    i have added support for initially folding subroutines and perldoc when an editor is openned.

    i've also shifted the "Content Assist", "Mark Occurrences", and "Templates" preference page items under the "Editor" preference item (this more closely mimics the behavior of the jdt prefs).

    you may need to start up eclipse using the "-clean" option to see these changes.

    • Jae Gangemi

      Jae Gangemi - 2006-08-11

      *sigh* - it appears i was a bit too over-zealous on this one, and was unclear on how the folding logic works, so things were being refolded on every save.

      obviously no good...

      i've disabled folding of subroutines and perldoc for now (although all other changes remain) and will get that ironed out over the weekend as i am in need of this functionality.

    • Jae Gangemi

      Jae Gangemi - 2006-08-13

      update for anyone interested...

      i've fixed the folding logic so things aren't unfolded when the reconciliation thread runs (not saving), however i've also uncovered an issue w/ the parser that will still cause elements to unfold correctly.

      applogies to anyone who got excited over this, but you're gonna have to wait a little longer.

    • Jae Gangemi

      Jae Gangemi - 2006-08-13

      support for this feature has been re-enabled.

      after further investigation, it seems that java folding performs more or less the same way* when adding a new method right before an already existing one. ie:

      sub i_am_new

      sub i_already_exist

      if your typing pauses long enough to let the reconcilliation thread run (although i feel epic is less annoying about it).

      remember to add the -clean flag if you don't see the new preference menu layout/options.

      * the java folding displays a similiar behavior when it encounters this:


      public void foo

      where foo is folded. instead of expanding foo, the  previous public seems to pull it into it's definition, but does not expand it (epic just leaves it in place an expands it).

      if this is encountered before the reconcilliation thread runs while foo is folded:

      public v

      foo remains folded (epic expands all folds until it finds something that will close the block that was just started or end of file is reached).

    • Flashget

      Flashget - 2006-09-27

      Can you please add folding support for brackets too, not only for subprocedure?
      for exemple:

      IF (x=y)

      will be after folding

      please add this these exreme useful feature!!

      Thank you very nuch!


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