cross reference feature

  • Simonovsky Pavel

    Is there any plan for implementing such a feature??? I have massive "legacy code" that I did not wrote, but have to maintain... Such a feature could be of great help in my case...

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2008-05-19

      Not in the near future. Cross-referencing Perl code is very tricky in general.

    • Simonovsky Pavel

      Actually - I fownd one perl module - that do it - but it is integrated into emacs... And - I am not emacs frick... But principally - as much as I understand - such functionality is implemented already by some Guy... Question is - how difficalt it is to inegrate to E-P-I-C

      • Jan Ploski

        Jan Ploski - 2008-05-20

        A bit vague, aren't you?

    • Jack Tanner

      Jack Tanner - 2008-06-03

      I just came across B::Xref , which seems to be relevant.


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