Epic needs easier installation!

  • Markus Dreyer

    Markus Dreyer - 2004-02-21

    I just installed epic and I noticed: The installation is by far too complicated! I downloaded all in all 7 zip files from the epic site and the two external sites. Then, I had to look into each to determine which ones to unpack in eclipse/ and which ones to unpack in eclipse/plugins. I was not sure if I have to keep a special order when unpacking, but it worked somehow. After that, I had to restart Eclipse. It took more than 20 minutes, all in all.

    In contrast, I installed CDT before. I entered the update site and clicked on "Finish". One minute.

    I think, Epic also needs an installation via the update site.

    But all in all, I like Epic, of course. I am looking forward to the debugger version in the end of March!!

    • Christian Lemer

      Christian Lemer - 2004-02-28

      I totally agree.

      I really like eclipse and would like to promote it's use in the BioInformatic field.

      Most of these people are using Perl and EPIC is the tool they would like to use.

      But we really need an update site to allow an easy installation and promote the EPIC/Eclipse tool.

      It would be a real improvement!

      Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the job already done!


    • Ben Imp

      Ben Imp - 2004-03-08

      I am fairly happy with Epic so far - although I must also confess that installing it takes a bit of luck and trickery.  I somehow managed to become the perl/epic guy at work, and so I have installed it on a few boxes... repeatedly.  It definitly could be streamlined with less overlap in the zip file packages.

      One question I have is about the continued development of epic.  I havent noticed much of any activity on the website, or any new versions on the downloads page.  I know the authors of this plugin have other things to do and all - but does anyone know if epic is going to become a dormant project?

      • Jochen Ruehl

        Jochen Ruehl - 2004-03-09


        don't worry, EPIC is still alive :)
        We are currently only two active developers on the project, so that's why progress is not very fast at that point.
        We did some improvements on the editor (Project builder/Navigator markers) and fixed some bugs.
        Our main focus is currently finishing the first version of the debugger (Stephan did a very nice job), which you should see end of March.
        Actually the debugger is already usable, although only available in CVS at the moment.
        The main reason for not updating the website is that I don't have a decent Internet connection at the moment, that should change soon.

        So stay tuned!


        • Ben Imp

          Ben Imp - 2004-03-10

          Ah, excellent news - thank you for the confirmation of epic's living status.  I think ill go grab the cvs version at home and see whats all in there :)

    • Markus Dreyer

      Markus Dreyer - 2004-03-30

      Congratulations to the new version 0.1.0! The update manager works great now.

      Note to everyone who wants to install epic (on 3.0M7): Do not forget to unpack the "Perl Editor Colouring Patch" in the Plugins directory additionally! Otherwise, there is no syntax hiliting.

      Maybe this could be done automatically as well in future versions... (check automatically if Eclipse 2 or 3 is used)

      • Ben Imp

        Ben Imp - 2004-03-31

        I can also confirm that this seems to work in M8 as well.  After applying the patch everything about the Perl Editor seems to be working just fine.

        Havent noticed anything missing yet, but there may be something.


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