Installing for Solaris-GTK

  • Gunnar Strand

    Gunnar Strand - 2004-04-06

    I am new to Eclipse but have been experimenting with getting solaris-gtk running. It works fine, but I am unable to install EPIC since the update installation will abort due to unsupported configuration. Is there any way I can install EPIC by circumventing the installation check, or simply unpacking it? (It did not work to just unzip it in the plugins directory)


    • Ben Imp

      Ben Imp - 2004-04-07

      Which version of Eclipse are you using?  I have been able to get it working under Fedora just fine so I would assume Solaris should be just as possible.  Granted this was version 2.1, not one of the milestone releases.

      • Gunnar Strand

        Gunnar Strand - 2004-04-07

        I am using 2.3.1. Solaris-GTK is not part of the "officially" supported Eclipse os/ws combination. I had to do some modifications to make it work. Somehow the installer realizes that and prevents installation. I have tried to unpack everything, but to no avail. I had it running briefly, but I think that was because I was starting Solaris-GTK in a workspace for a Solaris-Motif installation (which has EPIC installed).

        • Gunnar Strand

          Gunnar Strand - 2004-04-07

          Correction: I meant 2.1.3, of course.

        • Ben Imp

          Ben Imp - 2004-04-08

          Well in theory you should just be able to download the zip files and then unpack them into the plugins directory.  In theory, when you go to open a new perspective, the Perl Perspective should be shown as available.

          Check your Help->About Eclipse->Plugin Details to see if it even recognizes that the EPIC plugin is installed.


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