Anonymous - 2003-05-30

I have Eclipse set up per the reccomendations in the " how to run Perl programs within Eclipse?". This is:


This is how set up Eclipse to run the Perl scripts I'm editing:

1. Go to Run | External Tools | External Tools...
2. Under Configurations, click on Program, then click New
3. Type in a Name (e.g., Perl Script)
4. On the Main tab enter the following information: Location (e.g., C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe), working directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Eclispe\workspace), and Arguments (e.g., -w ${resource_loc}).
5. On the Common tab, choose Perl as the Run mode, then click External Tools to Display in favorites menu.
6. Choose Apply, then Close


but I see no output from .pl files in the console view (with either the perl or default output selected). I assume that this is a bug. If not, sure would like to see output for stuff I'm working on in the editor :)