Proposal:An even better color coding support.

  • Joern Janoschek

    Joern Janoschek - 2003-05-06


    great work you're doing with EPIC for the Perl Community, I appriciate that! :-)

    I noticed the recent change in color coding strategy, which is good because the colorer scheme was way too slow for large perl files. However, I think you should rethink the current use of the plugin you choose to go with EPIC. My company is using Eclipse for several month now, coding Perl, and our selection of a color coding editor is

    This project supports a *lot* of file types, including *.pl/*.pm. It works realy well and very fast. But the two things I prefer this one over your choice are:

    - customizable via XML files... it's realy easy to bulk-change diffenrent color coding aspects.
    - most wanted: bracket matching in all kind of forms... incluing matches of qq-somethings and even pattern matches (i.e., match // or m/ to /ig).

    This is a vast improvement for every Perl developer, I believe. I don't want to impose a switch to the other plugin on you :-), but what do you think about switching? You really should take a look. Or do you think it's possible to leave the choice of color coder to the EPIC user, letting him configure the coder he wants to use?


    Jrn Janoschek

    • Joern Janoschek

      Joern Janoschek - 2003-05-06

      Sorry for re-post, Phoenix did a post-request on going back. :-/



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