#613 fedora 14 EPIC thinks PadWalker not installed, but it is

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EPIC (0.6.35-2) displays the error saying PadWalker needs to be installed. This is a fedora 14 x64 installation. The PadWalker verion is 1.9-4 and eclipse-platform is 3.6.1--6.1 both installed from the fedora repositories. "perl -MPadWalker -e 0" confirms that the PadWalker module is on the library path.

Why is PadWalker not dectected and what can I do about it?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried printing the padwalker version from a script in epic and it is not finding the module within epic, but scripts run outside eclipse find it. Is it a library path issue? How do I check?

  • Unix Guy

    Unix Guy - 2010-12-29

    PadWalker is not found when running in epic, but is found when not using epic. I looked at the library path when running in epic using "print qq(@INC)" and it DOES include the directory containing PadWalker.pm - /usr/lib64/perl5.

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2010-12-29

    To check whether PadWakler is installed, EPIC executes the following command through the debugger:

    print $DB::OUT eval { require PadWalker; PadWalker->VERSION(0.08) }

    If the eval block produces a non-empty string, it assumes PadWalker is installed, otherwise it assumes that PadWalker is missing.

    Furthermore, you can see the exact command line used to invoke the debugged script in the workspace/.metadata/.log after you enable the option "Debugger console (experimental)" in preferences. Differences in environment variables (%ENV) for the shell and Eclipse process may also matter if the above code snippet yields different results depending on how you run it.


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