#583 Perldoc not working in Eclipse/epic

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I've recently installed Eclipse (v3.5.1) with the Epic plugin (v0.6.35) on a Fedora 12 Linux PC. However, when I tried using the built-in "perldoc" feature it reports back "Documentation not found" error. I've confirmed that "perldoc" is on my system path by running it from a terminal with the same user login. I tried running eclipse as root and same issue. I tried changing the Preferenes->Perl EPIC "Perl executable" from just "perl-T" to "/usr/bin/perl T" but got the same result.

Now when I start Eclipse from a terminal I noticied that it did NOT include the system path that is set by my login scrip (.bash_profile) in the @INC path reported when it fails to find a module I have in perl script its loading from the perl project I'm currently working on. I've attached this eclipse output in the eclipse_start_perdoc.txt file below.


  • pid

    pid - 2010-01-19

    Shows search path eclipse is using when it loads a project

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2010-04-04

    If you don't use the -T option in the command line, then it works.

  • Oliver Trosien

    Oliver Trosien - 2016-05-16
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