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Dear all,

I've found a problem with the debugger of EPIC.
When stepping over the Win32::OLE code of my little demo script (instead of using Run or Resume), the program output from Win32::OLE is different (and wrong).

For details of my configuration and outputs please look into the demo script.

In the beginning I suspected the error is related to the Padwalker module, because you can avoid the wrong output by disabling the "Show local variables" option of the variables view in EPIC. But I already had some debug attempts with Robin Houston, who admirably tried to check whether the padwalker module needs a fixed.
Please, follow this thread for details: http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=33211

Finally, it seems to me that the problem is more related to Win32::OLE and/or EPIC.

Perhaps, you'd analyze the problem based on your background.



P.S.: I post this report to the EPIC team, too.


  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2009-03-08

    This is certainly not a bug in PadWalker, and most probably not a bug in EPIC either.

    If you add to your code:

    my $somevar = $Excel->{ThisCell};

    then it will provoke the same effect without any debugging. This is similar to what EPIC does behind the scenes to dump the hash, but simpler. Ask the Win32::OLE guys why some of their object properties are unreadable in this way and whether. If there is a way to tell which property blows up without actually attempting to read it, a workaround could possibly be implemented in EPIC.


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