#33 Package names are incorrect


Your packages are named org.epic.* which is wrong,
unless you own the epic.org domain. You should rename
the packages to something less misleading such as


  • Mike Blackwell

    Mike Blackwell - 2004-05-19

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    epic.org is currently registered to the Electronic Privacy
    Information Center (see www.epic.org).

    Note however that the package naming convention is exactly
    that - a convention. The ownership of domain names can and
    does change over time. There is no guarantee that a
    "correctly named" package will remain so over the course of
    time. I highly doubt in this era of corporate takeovers
    that many companies will allocate tight IT $$ to rename
    packages to match the new owner's primary domain name, even
    if the old domain name is allowed to lapse.

    It certainly is nice if the package name indicates where to
    find the maintainer, and it might be a bit rude to drop in
    on someone elses namespace - especially if they're active in
    open source development - but there's no law preventing it,
    and to claim it's "wrong" is a bit strong.

  • Philip Graham Willoughby

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    If it looks like a domain name, people will assume it's a
    domain name. If you had named your packages epic.* it would
    have been obvious to all that you had chosen to simply
    ignore the convention. However, org.epic.* says to any java
    programmer "This was produced by the people who own (or at
    least owned) epic.org". If you're going to have a randomly
    named package hierarchy, don't use a tld name as the first

    It may be merely a convention, but so are a lot of things,
    for instance:
    checking your code builds before you release it
    use strict;
    #! /usr/bin/perl -w

    Oh, and polluting another person/organisation's namespace
    without there permission _is_ wrong, whether there's a law
    or not.

  • LeO

    LeO - 2004-11-13
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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