#179 (CGI-Target)Could not connect to CGI-PROXY

Jeremy Wall

when trying to run or debug a perl cgi program from
eclipse it gives a:

(CGI-Target)Could not connect to CGI-PROXY error
message hitting ok terminates the webserver and leaving
it and trying to connect to the webserver sends the cgi
apps text instead of running the app and sending the
results. The app works fine in a regular apache server.

Eclipse 3.1
epic 3.10 and the stable version
running on Debian sarge with the sun java sdk (j2se 1.5.0)

Is the perl cgi run environment working?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the same problem. Running Windows XP and ActivePerl
    5.8.6 with Eclipse 3.1. Have this problem with 0.3.0 version
    and 0.3.11 testing version.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-09-08

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    Same here with Eclipse 3.1 and EPIC 0.3.11 on Linux.

  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2005-09-19

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    Is the file extension of your CGI script specified in your
    launch configuration ? Could you send me an example CGI
    script to reproduce the issue ?

  • Jeremy Wall

    Jeremy Wall - 2005-09-20

    Simple Perl printEnv script that fails in the run environment

  • Jeremy Wall

    Jeremy Wall - 2005-09-20

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    I have attached a sample perl script its the standard
    printenv script. It and all other scripts fail when running
    in the cgi script environment. I do have the .pl extension
    in my launch setup. If you need any other information please
    let me know. Is this sort of error related to a
    configuration issue on my part?

  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2005-09-21

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    I tried your script on my machine (Win2000, Eclipse 3,1,
    EPIC 03.12, jdk 1.4, ActiveState Perl 5.8.4) and it works
    fine. I stored your file on "c:\test\" and used the
    configuration shown in the pdf file appended.
    Please configure your launch configuration in the same way
    (make sure you also include ".pl" in lower cases as a CGI
    file extension).
    Please inform me if the problem still persists (you can also
    contact me using my SourceFourge e-mal account).

  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2005-09-21

    Run Configuration Screenshot

  • Porsche

    Porsche - 2005-09-27

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    I have the same problem.
    Windows 2003, Active State 5.8.03
    Eclipse 3.1, EPIC 0.3.

    I try to debug an bugzilla installtion. (bugzilla runs
    I get the follwing Error: (CGI-Target)Could not connect to
    I the console view cames this message: Found default config file
    Server started on 5004
    LOG: 5 5004-server: main.: starting handler: cgi
    LOG: 5 5004-server: main.: starting handler: file

    I tried with your perlskript and the configuration in the
    pdf, but it
    does not work.


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