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Ekho 2.0alpha released

The code has been rewritten in C++.
SAPI5 is supported on Windows.
The installation on Linux should be improved.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2009-09-27 is registered to point to

Posted by Cameron Wong 2009-08-24

A new Cantonese voice released

This voice is still recorded by Cameron Wong. It uses 7 tones and should have fair good quality.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2009-03-08

zhspeak (a lightweight Chinese TTS) released

zhspeak use Ekho's voice data, but compressed them as OGG format and play in Python script. This make package size smaller and installation easier.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2009-02-08

Korean is supported from 0.75

Korean is in trial. But many rules need to be implemented.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-10-10

Ekho voice data package released

Source and voice data of Ekho will be released separatively from now on.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-08-05

Chinese WebAnywhere is in progress.

We are developping WebAnywhere with Ekho to make it support Chinese. Also, we are trying to port WebAnywhere to Windows.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-07-25

Ekho support Mandarin and English

Mandarin data is based on Yali's voice. English is using Festival.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-07-25

egdspeak renamed as Ekho

egdspeak will be renamed as Ekho since version 0.2

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-04-02

eGuideDog TTS (egdspeak) released

This is another Chinese TTS. It will be more natural than eSpeak-Chinese because it uses human voice.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2008-03-01

eSpeak-Chinese released

Both Mandarin and Cantonese will included in this package. So eSpeak-Cantonese will stop released.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-11-18

eSpeak-Cantonese package released

This is a eSpeak with Cantonese support. There are both Linux and Windows version.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-09-16

0.31 released - eSpeak supported

eSpeak TTS supported and I am engaging in Cantonese language supporting develoment of eSpeak.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-02-26

0.3 released

Language, voice, voice style can be changed now.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-01-24

https and cookie supported

https and cookie supported. And the project web site has themes to choose now:)

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-01-16

most HTML expression finished.

0.2 release is done. I have finished most of the HTML syntax translation. However, "425 Security: Bad IP connecting." problem I've mentioned here still not resolved. So I cannot upload to Can anyone help me?

Posted by Cameron Wong 2007-01-05

Release stop.

This error - "425 Security: Bad IP connecting.", kept me from releasing new files from ftp. I had to stop releasing. Please check out the project's svn server instead. Thank you!

Posted by Cameron Wong 2006-12-24

0.1 release

However the ftp upload server seems strange. I can't upload the release. ft!!

Posted by Cameron Wong 2006-12-16

SVN opened

SVN is using now and some codes have been put on. Browse them with or check them out.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2006-12-15

Project started:)

I am so happy that this project planned for more that half year has been started today. The files will coming soon.

Posted by Cameron Wong 2006-12-13