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New Release

This is the very first release with skinning support. The configuration file is located in the ~/.3dfb folder. Everything in there is self explanatory.

Enjoy, and as usual, let us know of any bugs :)

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-07-28

3dFB Website / Message to Brook

The 3dFB website should be up within the next day. Also, the CVS should be up by the end of this weekend. I currently have 2 developers interested in helping out; dulio and brook.

Speaking of which, brook, your host won't let me reply to your email. They think I'm spam :-/ So if you may, join the 3dFB mailing list and post to that.

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-06-12

3dFB 0.5.6

I know I said no release till 0.6, but I had to :)

The latest release includes mouse support, which I thought was handy enough to make its own release. Next release is skinning, I promise.

If you press 'w' in this release, it will create a little 'registration point' wherever your mouse currently is. The further you go up from that point, the faster you'll move forward. Same goes for down, left, and right. Also, if you have a scroll mouse, scrolling up and down will move you on the y axis the same as the others.... read more

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-06-08

3dFB Work

Work on 3dFB has been focused on support for textures and 'skinning' the interface.

As of the current version on my hard drive, there is support for the mouse scroll-wheel movement in the z-axis (i forget who asked for that).

No release date as of yet for 0.6.1

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-06-03

3dFB 0.5.5/0.6 Release Info

Next version of 3dFB (0.5.5) will include Front, Back, and End zooming. As soon as that is released, 3dFB will change its status to Beta from Alpha.

The jump to 0.6 will require texture loading. The 6 series will be all about looks, whereas the pre-6 series was about functionality. Planned features for the 6 series include skinning and image preview.

0.5.5 will be release sometime this week.

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-05-27

3dFB 0.5.4 Released

Those using 3dFB should update to this latest version. This add the 'zoom in/out' feature that was asked for. Now when you go to a certain level, pressing 'z' will automatically take you over to it. Pressing 'z' again will take you back to the root.

Also, almost all known bugs are now fixed.

Posted by Roy El-Rayes 2004-05-24