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Dynpet 0.0.7

Dynpet 0.0.7 is out!

It is a complete rewrite of the game. Now, no longer a text based game, feature entirely different gameplay.

It is still in alpha stage and the current gameplay code is subject to change.

Posted by Han Dao 2007-01-08


This release will be the last version to be entirely text based.

Beyond this release, Dynpet will be graphical.

In this release, we attempt to prepare Dynpet to become graphical. We also rewritten the gameplay proption too. Most of the changes cannot be seen from using the application. As alway, it included uknown amount of bugfixes and cleanup.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-08-07

Dynpet-0.0.5 is OUT!

It been a week since the last release of Dynpet. We been working (with the exception of a vacation) on providing feature enhancement. Finally, we are proud to announce the fifth release of Dynpet.

In this release, we made enhancement to the way Dynpet handle files such as loading, writing, and others. In the process we fixed a bug which cause the program to crash.

So now all known crash bugs are fixed as of July 25th 2006.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-07-25

Dynpet-0.0.4 is OUT!

After more than a month of development, dynpet now have lifecycle gameplay, adding a lot more to play with as well as challenges.
Of course, additional game texts update as well bugfixes and cleanup are part of this release.

Compared to all the last versions combined, it is the biggest noticable changes yet.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-07-15

Dynpet 0.0.3 IS OUT!

Just after about 11 days, we release the third version of Dynpet which is dynpet-0.0.3. This time with major gameplay addition like being able to level your pet as well updated game texts to be less confusing.

Compared to 0.0.2 and 0.0.1, this version have the biggest number of noticable changes.

As usual, it includes an unknown number of bugfixes and cleanup.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-05-31

Release 0.0.2 is OUT!

After a month long wait, version 0.0.2 is out.

It is an almost complete rewrite of Dynpet. It also includes a feature like determining what to say based on gender. It also includes a bugfix which crashed the game.

Other than that, the major change in this release is the complete rewrite.

The next few release will feature major game play changes and addition as we seperate the source code in modules.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-05-20

Release 0.0.1

Dynpet releases it first version of Dynpet since it was frist registered last week.

Version 0.0.1 is a pre-alpha version. It may be not enjoyable, and may have some serious bugs.

Posted by Han Dao 2006-04-22

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