Anonymous - 2012-03-16

Is this forum still active after so many years?

I was just looking at the makefile when I found DynArr (which I'm not using right now) was not being compiled by default. When I tried to do it I found out it was not compiling at all. The following lines where missing from the target:

# Include files
  SUBDIR := ../utils
  SDFLAGS = -DscChar=char
  SRCS = utf8String.cpp unicode.cpp scString.cpp GNotifier.cpp
  #SRCS = unicode.cpp scString.cpp
  include ../

  # Include files
  SUBDIR := ../pi
  SRCS = Atomic.cpp CritSect.cpp Thread.cpp # Assert.cpp ErrorLog.cpp
  include ../

Adding those lines (taken from the DynStr target) makes the compilation work.
Why is DynArr disabled by default? is it on purpose?