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new releases: libdynarr, libbuffer, buffer-test

These new releases include splitting up the buffers into lifo and fifo buffers and adds new functions for handling more than one item at the same time. Everything is thread-safe, ofcourse.

libdynarr-0.1.1 was already released in March, but i appearantly forgot to make a news post, so here it is. At the same time, I added new binaries.

libbuffer-0.1.0 is released with different functions for lifo and fifo buffers, because of efficiency, and it is a bit cleaned up too.... read more

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2004-09-29

libdynarr-0.1.0 released (thread-safe)

The new and improved dynamic array functions are finally thread-safe, and more efficient too.

Now I have dynamic buffers as well as dynamic arrays, both have their own advantages, so choose carefully...

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2004-01-30

libbuffer-0.0.1 released -- thread-safe

this gives you convenient growable buffer functions, for usage in various projects. this release supports FIFO as well as LIFO buffers and is completely thread-safe.

note that this is only used as a buffer, if you need more control, you'll have to use the dynamic array library that will be released probably in a few days (also thread-safe).

both these libraries are very likely to be used by the orionengine in the oriongame project at http://oriongame.sourceforge.net/ .

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2004-01-28

binaries for libdynarr and dynarr-test

libdynarr is a libraries with functions which are easily used with dynamic arrays; they behave like ordinary arrays, but they are speedier and more memory-efficient.
Documentation can be found at http://dynarr.sourceforge.net/ and we supply a tester for it as well...

we have rpm binaries for redhat & mandrake, although they might work for other rpm-based distros... if they don't, we do supply a src.rpm file.
and lastly binaries for slackware were added as well.
and of course you can always compile from source as well, there's the popular tar.gz and the compact tar.bz2 too.

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-10-19

libdynarr-0.0.4 & dynarr-0.0.3 released

libdynarr is a library with easy functions for use with dynamic arrays, it really fast, simple to use and very easily adaptable with static arrays, it really handles just like normal arrays.
the libdynarr is really just a speed-up release.
the dynarr-test is a bugfix release, but you only need it if you want to test the speed of libdynarr.

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-10-12

libdynarr documentation is added

after the very recent release of version 0.0.3 which is considered stable, now the documentation is added to the dynarr project. the usage of libdynarr library is now quite simple.
just follow the instructions or the sample code and all of your worries of static and non-efficient arrays are over. no mem-leaking with libdynarr, and a easy and efficient way to help your programming life, be a programmer, be lazy and use someone elses library, for free...

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-10-07

libdynarr-0.0.3 & dynarr-test-0.0.2

with the third libdynarr release is every memory problem and leak solved, splitting is performed for better usage and some speed improvements have been made, but most of all, this is considered stable.

furthermore is de dynarr-test package complete now, and has no errors left or leaks left or anything. this dynarr-test will be used to improve speed of the libdynarr package later on. if you wish to test it out on your system for evaluation purposes on efficiency, this testing problem randomly chooses operations and sets up a test case scenario, also randomly, that very much emulates real world usage.

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-10-05

libdynarr-0.0.2 released

with a few efficiency changes and more platform compatibility this new release will ease your dynamic array programming! AND now also a dynarr-test package is released with it. this package tests dynamic array operations randomly chosen in a very harsh environment. Might I note that I got adverage dynarr operations at less then 2sec!!!

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-09-23

dynarr's first release

Dynamic Array Library (dynarr) has released its first attempt to supply a library with easy 'dynamic array' functions for C/C++. as this is a milepole for this project, I'm anxious to bug reports and feature requests. also you might check up on 'oriongame' which has dynarr as its dependency.

Posted by Maarten Vanraes 2003-09-15

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