I hate to do this

david Moss
  • david Moss

    david Moss - 2001-07-18

    But lately I have been bogged down with work to the point that I hardly have time to eat!!!

    And the fact that i just managed to kill Window$ (again) and have to reinstall from scratch doesn't help.

    Which means that as a whole I'm leaving the project in the hands of hvaglin as he seems to be the most interested person. I hope to come back once I have finisheh sorting out all my problems, which, by the looks of it, won't be any time soon.

    Good luck.


    BTW, I will still check the project every once in a while to see how you r doing and/or post interesting/useful code and eventually I will come back for real.

    • Henrik Vĺglin

      Henrik Vĺglin - 2001-07-20

      I more than well know your situation and aprieate that you keep an eye int meanwhile you're not able to participate more activly.

      I have some questions though:

      1) Have you activated/setup CVS and the homepage space any, or do you want me to take care of it? (I just learned enough to login to SF CVS, so it would take me some time in that case)

      2) I've looked around, and seen plenty of text/HTML editors around on SourceForge. How would you feel about invoking one of those as starting point and maybe invite some developers from there or announcing for more people?

      3) Do you have any drafts, code or other material, that you'd send over?

    • Leon Brooks

      Leon Brooks - 2001-08-20

      Mandrake Linux 8.1 is in beta now, install that instead, plus a copy of Win4Lin 3.0. Then you have a few extra platforms for testing from (e.g. Konqueror), and you can keep the sensitive Windows stuff aside so that if a Windows session or installation blows up, you're one click away from a new, working session or two clicks (recopy, launch) from a new Windows. Something I don't have to worry about myself, since our household has no Windows. (-:


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