This little piece of software has been designed to extend the ability of common installation tools.
It is able to install almost any application even if there are tasks required during its installation that normaly could only be run during the first start of the application.
This includes such tasks as reading registry for use in scripts or checking installation requirements that could be a bit vague (Is one of the following tools installed? If not then install application XXX). This is quite common for linux applications if installed by the OSs packet-manager (YaST or similar).

At this time there is no stable release because I am working at different points in code.
Nearly finished are the basic librarys and the configuration-creator.

Since the beginning of november there are quiet stable beta releases that may be used for testing or improvement.

\ In the following days I plan to extend this wiki to help interested users with the configuration of the software.

[HowTos] are in progress
[Known Issues] list is started, but not nearly completed.
The wiki uses Markdown syntax.


Wiki: HowTos
Wiki: Known Issues