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DynamicJasper 5.0.0 released.

From this version DJ needs Java 1.6+ and jasper resports 4.6.0+. Tested with JasperReports 4.6.0, 4.7.0, 4.8.0, 5.0.0, 5.1.0 and 5.2.0

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2013-10-23

DJ 3.1.0 supports JasperReports 3.7.1

DynamicJasper 3.1.0 supports from JasperReports 3.5.2 to 3.7.1 (latest)
Ready to be downloaded from sourceforge

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2010-03-14

DynamicJasper-3.0.13 FINAL released

Come and visit us at http://dynamicjasper.sourceforge.net/

New features:

o Possibility to register field variable in group (see GroupLabelTest5)
o Autotext supports print when expression (see AutotextReportTest2)
o Imagebanner can have imageScaleMode (see ImageBannerReportTest)
o Enabling custom label expression and position in group footer label (see GroupLabelTest4) Enabling custom label expression in group header/footer variable label (see GroupLabelTest4)
o Crosstab can have precalculated values: See DJCRosstabMeasurePrecalculatedTotalProvider class and example test: CrosstabReportWithPrecalculatedTotalsAndValueFormatterTest
o crosstabs measures can have value formatters. See CrosstabReportWithNullValuesTest for an example ... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-11-17

DynamicJasper 3.0.11-beta2 adds 14 chart types

We are introducing a full set of new charts fully configurable.
Thanks to community user Ricardo Mariaca.

New charts are: area chart, stackedarea chart, bar chart, bar3d chart, stackedbar chart, stackedbar3d chart, line chart, pie chart, pie3d chart, timeseries chart, xyarea chart, xybar chart, xyline chart and scatter chart

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-09-04

DynamicJasper 3.0.11-beta1 allows serialization

I don't know why it took us so long, but now report definition classes are serializable, enabling them to be sent through the net (EJBs, etc)

Please give feedback!

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-09-01

DynamicJasper-3.0.7 FINAL released (at last!)

After a couple of months releasing beta versions, DJ 3.0.7 is out with great improvements, check out the release notes.

Whats hot in this release:

- HyperLinks support
- More control over crosstabs (specially the L&F)
- Ability to hide the detail band
- Autotext accepts styles
- A lot (really a lot) of fixes!

Next to come in DJ 3.0.8 are a redesigned way to make charts (thanks to Ricardo Mariaca)

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-07-31

DynamicJasper-3.0.7-b6 released

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-07-10

DynamicJasper-3.0.7-b4 released

This time with some fixed introduced in b3 (thanks to the forum users!). Also introducing new features related to crosstabs! See release note here: https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=188060&release_id=489832

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-07-01

DynamicJasper-3.0.7-b3 released

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-06-25

DynamicJasper Help forum moved

Forum has moved here: http://dj.fdvsolutions.com/forums/
Why? because SourceForge performance became slower every day (and I understand that, they host thousands of projects)
Now we are using phpBB which makes thread reading easier, posts allows attaches and code coloring, etc...

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-06-12

DJ introduces labels in groups header and footer

DynamicJasper 3.0.7-b1 is out! This beta release introduces labels in group footer and headers. Such feature was longly requested by users. Still under construction, it works fine in many scenarios.

Bellow some screenshoots

http://dynamicjasper.sourceforge.net/other_images/group%20label%20test%203.jpg... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-06-02

What's new in DynamicJasper 3.0.6

In this minor version, we added the capability to add many measures in a cross tab cell.
An example of it's usage could be a crosstab that crosses Product vs Branch, and its measures could be:

1) highest sales in a day of the month,
2) lowest sales in a day of the month and
3) average sales in the month.

Another new feature is that columns can have text formatters (java.text.Format) so that you can twist as much as you need your data.... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2009-04-24

Forum/Help support is back

After a short holiday (because now I'm married :). I and the DJ's team have resumed giving support through the forum and trackers.

Will answer pending requests in a FIFO basis.

Sorry for the absence!

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-10-28

DynamicJasper 2.0.11 Beta 3 available!

Changes are:

New features:

o Report Properties :: Now the DynamicReport has a setProperty(String, String) method which passes the properties to the JasperReportDesign.

o JRXML Templates :: Now bringing existing parameters, variables and fields and datasets from jrxml templates :: thanks yaro! Thanks to yaro.

Fixed Bugs:

o Page Orientation :: Orientation is working now


o Field Properties Refactor :: Only PropertyColumn and its children are worthless to have field properties ... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-08-11

DynamicJasper 2.0.11-SNAPSHOT1

Version 2.0.11-SNAPSHOT-1 is out in our internal repository.

Changes in this version include:
New Features:

o JRXML Templates :: Now bringing existing parameters, variables and fields from jrxml templates


o Field Properties Refactor :: Only PropertyColumn and its children are worthless to have field properties ... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-07-28

DynamicJasper 2.0.8 SNAPSHOT-7 available

Download from these links to try the SNAPSHOT version.

Changes so far are:

Release 2.0.8 -
Subreport parameters :: You can pass parameters to subreports using values from current row. Thanks Marcos Reyes!
WebWork integration :: Added "exportParams" feature, so you can pass custom parameters to the exporter used.
Crosstabs NPI :: 1xX and Xx1 crosstabs thorws NPE, thanks Marcos Reyes
Allow control over detail band split :: thanks balazsborbely.
Crosstab measure type peroblem :: Only java.lang.Float was working. Thanks my_aro!
Removed static dependency Eclipse JST compiler :: Thanks Tito (enjuto).
Java 1.2 is no longer supported :: This is from jasperReports 2.0.5 (they removed the class JRJdk12Compiler. Thanks mikea59.
Header Charts :: they where leaving a blank space before the column titles.
Sub reports can start in new page :: thanks jacklty!

Release 2.0.7 - 2008-03-04
When no data section feature :: you can set up what to show when the data source is empty. See WhenNoDataTest for a working example
javadoc jar generated always :: javadoc jar is generated when a new release is out (pom.xml configuration)

Release 2.0.6 - 2008-02-22
Problem with dynamically added queries when using template files :: the query added dinamically got lost when using templates files, thanks gustav_b
More than one chart in a group :: You can now create more than one chart in the same group, thanks Sagara!
Define behaviour when datasource is empty :: just a passthough to the JasperReports options. Use DJConstants.WHEN_NO_DATA_TYPE_NO_PAGES, DJConstants.WHEN_NO_DATA_TYPE_BLANK_PAGE, DJConstants.WHEN_NO_DATA_TYPE_ALL_SECTIONS_NO_DETAIL, DJConstants.WHEN_NO_DATA_TYPE_NO_DATA_SECTION. Thanks Dorin Scutarasu!!!
Define behaviour when missing resource is found :: just a passthough to the JasperReports options. Use DJConstants.WHEN_RESOURCE_MISSING_TYPE_EMPTY, DJConstants.WHEN_RESOURCE_MISSING_TYPE_ERROR, DJConstants.WHEN_RESOURCE_MISSING_TYPE_KEY, DJConstants.WHEN_RESOURCE_MISSING_TYPE_NULL. Thanks Dorin Scutarasu!!!

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-04-10

DynamicJasper 2.0.5 enables pdf font embedding

Pdf font embedding is now possible since version 2.0.5 of DynamicJasper.
Besides that, support for XML data sources was added.

Read the changes at http://dynamicjasper.sourceforge.net/changes-report.html#2.0.5

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-02-04

DynamicJasper 2.0.4 is out!

In this version
* Export to jrxml file :: You can export your design to jrxml (for retouching in iReport)

* Added report query to work the same as JasperReports

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-01-10

DynamicJasper 2.0.3 fixes java 1.4 compilation problem

Version 2.0.2 was compiled in java 5 instead of java 1.4. Version 2.0.3 fixes that.

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-01-04

DynamicJasper 2.0.2 enables images and barcodes

The release of version 2.0.2 enables usera to add bar-codes and images in a report. Previous version 2.0.1 added crosstab capabilities.

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2008-01-03

DynamicJasper 2.0.1 meets crosstabs!

This release of DynamicJasper gives support to crosstabs, allowing the developer to create dynamically crosstabs, defining at runtime the columns, rows and measures.

For examples of how to use crosstabs refer to: http://dynamicjasper.sourceforge.net/docs/HOWTO%20Crosstabs.html

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2007-12-19

DynamicJasper 1.4.0. released: Easy styles and subreports

The DynamicJasper-team is pleased to announce the DynamicJasper-1.4.0.jar release!

DynamicJasper (DJ) is an API that hides the complexity of Jasper
Reports, it helps developers to save time when designing
simple/medium complexity reports generating the layout of the
report elements automatically. It creates reports dynamically,
defining at runtime the columns, column width (auto width), groups,
variables, fonts, charts, sub reports (that can also be dynamic), page size
and everything else that you can define at design time.... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2007-11-01

Jasper 1.3.0 is out!

The new version includes JasperReports 2.0 support and subreports.
Don't stop looking at the examples for an easy learning of the API.

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2007-09-08

DynamicJasper-1.3.0-beta2.jar released!

New Features:

o Subreports support: Added SubReportBuilder class
o Subreports support: Ability to use the DynamicReportBuilder to concatenate subreports in a single report
o Subreports support: Added 2 tests to be used as examples (SubReportBuilderTest and ConcatenatedReportTest)
o Subreports support: HOW-TO documentation in the site

This is a stable version of the DJ, it is still beta because it needs work on data source types (the less commons) so that you don't have to create the JRDataSource yourself.... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2007-08-21

Subreports in DynamicJasper

We have a first working approach (not yet released, even as beta) for subreports in DynamicJasper (branch: subreports, test class: SubReportTest )

Basically, the user will be able to add subreports in the groups header or footer (this may change). The subreport itself is a JasperReport object (can also be created with DynamicJasper!).

I hope we can release a version in the next 2 or 3 weeks.... read more

Posted by Juan Manuel Alvarez 2007-08-08

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