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Care to take over?

If anyone would like to take over this project please let me know, my interests have changed and I have a new project which I would like to concentrate on, as I am currently focusing more on Java development.

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2003-01-23

Back at it...

Well, I've finally gotten a chance to get back to developing DynaGraph, and will be more fully integrating Line Graphs, and starting work on Pie graphs.

Thank you to all who have shown interest in DynaGraph, I hope it fits you're needs.

BTW, if anyone wants to help let me know, I could always use the extra help. All skill levels are welcome.

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2001-08-05

New TarBall

I uploaded a new tarball of 0.2a, as the last one was corrupted.

I am continuing work on implementing piegraphs into the package, and still plan to add other graphs as well.

If anyone would like to help with the Dynagraph project, please let me know, I would welcome the help.
If you're not a coder, I could stil use help with Docs, and a webpage(s) for the project ;-)

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2000-11-02

Version 0.2 alpha

I have just released the alphs version of 0.2. Dynagraph now includes support for line graphs :-)

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2000-09-10

Tarball contents

The Readme doc in the tarball is inaccurate, the only files that should be in the tarball currently are:

The Readme is actually for an upcoming release and was included by mistake.
Thanks to tinito for pointing out this one.
I appologize for any confusion this may have created.

Keep checking for a new release, I've been bogged down at work, so please be patient.

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2000-08-01

Version 0.2 Coming

Version 0.2 of DynaGraph will include support for Histograms, as I have finally figured out the necessary algorythm. Both the upcoming Java and Python versions will also include this support.

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2000-04-27

Upcoming Releases

I am happy to announce that I will be adding 2 additional releases of DynaGraph. One will be a Python implementation, the second will be a Java release.
I have not yet set a release date for the Python version, but I do expect to release the Java version by the end of May 2000.

Posted by Michael D. Risser 2000-04-27

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