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Dylan Code Collection / News: Recent posts

Adobe SVG Control support added to Dylanlibs

The latest release of the Dylanlibs project (v1.6) provides support for the Adobe SVG control in a DUIM pane. You can display SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files, manipulate them via the Document Object Model, allowing animation, etc.

Available at Dylanlibs:


Posted by Chris Double 2001-06-22

Dylanlibs mailing list set up.

A mailing list now exists for discussing Dylanlibs projects, feature requests, and keeping track of CVS commits. The URL for details is:


Posted by Chris Double 2001-06-19

HTML generation and http server for Dylan

Dylanlibs 1.5 has been released. This release contains an HTML generation facility and a simple http server that uses this.

An example program, http-server-example, demonstrates a how to use these libraries to create a simple web server.

Also added to release 1.5 is a DUIM gadget for drawing line charts.


Posted by Chris Double 2001-06-14

Dylanlibs 1.4 released

I've released a new version of Dylanlibs (now at 1.4). It has the wrapper I created around Curl (the network library from, not the language at\).

A higher level library uses lib-curl to allow retrieval of http pages and posting to http servers.

I've included a sample DUIM program that uses this library to send SMS messages via from Dylan. Sign up to, enter your user name and password in the DUIM window. Put in the telephone number to SMS to, keyin the message and hit send. The
application talks to via http-client, via lib-curl and sends the message.... read more

Posted by Chris Double 2001-06-09

DylanLibs 1.1 Released

Release 1.1 of the DylanLibs collection of Dylan Code includes many of my current Dylan libraries, including demonstrations of hosting ActiveX controls (Simple Web Browser), creating DUIM gadgets, base64 encoding/decoding, etc.

Posted by Chris Double 2001-05-01

Creatures 1.0 DylanLibs package released.

The Dylan code for all my Creatures 3 utilities have been released as part of the DylanLibs project. This includes a genetics editor, gene comparison utility, CAOS injectors, etc.

Posted by Chris Double 2001-05-01