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Tony Hawk's Underground 1 can't get out of full screen

  • multiple koopas

    multiple koopas - 2014-07-03

    This is an Australian-release-only PC port of the original Tony Hawk's Underground.

    I haven't tried every single option available in the program, since I don't really know what I'm doing, but so far, every attempt to launch the game with DxWnd has left the game in full screen mode. Both programs are running with Administrative privileges.

    What options could I try for a stubborn game like this?

    • gho

      gho - 2014-07-04

      I would start by trying the different DirectX / DirectX version hook possibilities. Likely the game will require DirectX7 or DirectX8 setting.

  • multiple koopas

    multiple koopas - 2014-07-04

    That was it!!!! DX9 apparently.

    thanks a lot! :-D

    what a fantastic damn program


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