Battle Realms

  • Euchale

    Euchale - 2014-07-01

    First of all thanks for working on this software, I´ve used it in the past and it usually worked for me after fiddling around with the settings. But this game just doesn´t want to work with it, and I´m looking for ideas.
    The game is "Battle Realms". It seems like DXWnd does not interact with the game in any way. No matter which settings I pick, the game simply starts up normal as if I would not use DXWnd at all.
    Hook is enabled, so is Run in Window and Hook all DDLs. I´ve also started the dxwnd as administrator.

    I´ve tried messing around with the settings by doing this: The game cannot be started with multiple monitors so you have to turn your second monitor off. Now I was wondering what would happen if I turn my second monitor on and select "Hide multi-monitor config". With this setting the game does not start with the same error message as if I didn´t use DXWnd.

    The game is DirectX 8 based. And if you need any other information let me know.

    Last edit: Euchale 2014-07-01
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-07-02

    Battle Realms is a famous game here...:D I saw several topics talking about it.
    I think a critical issue in this game just got solved 2 days ago?

    • Euchale

      Euchale - 2014-07-02

      I´ve searched for it before I made this thread, the posts I´ve found don´t talk about this issue.
      What I´ve seen is other people playing it windowed, but I don´t know their settings.

      edith says: I´m using the GoG-version of this game.
      Also tried the config file, didn´t work.

      Last edit: Euchale 2014-07-02
  • gho

    gho - 2014-07-02

    Fortunately, I got two monitors, so it's a problem I can try to manage.
    Let's see...

  • gho

    gho - 2014-07-03

    Tested my CD version, working ok on a double screen configuration.

    • Euchale

      Euchale - 2014-07-03

      Then maybe I have a different problem. I´ve just tried my settings for Dungeon Keeper 2 and it was working like a charm, so I don´t think I´m using it wrong. Could you upload your config file, or have you just been using the one that is already included when I download the software?

      • gho

        gho - 2014-07-03

        All export files of supported games are in the distribution within the exports folder. You can download the latest v2.02.82 release and import Battle Realms.dxw.
        As usual, you should only need to update the game path to your settings.

        • Euchale

          Euchale - 2014-07-03

          Tried it and didn´t work. Maybe the problem lies within the GoG-release. I will report back when I figure it out.

          I figured it out, it was all my fault. Microsoft set some weird settings in compatibility mode, that overrode dxwnd.

          Last edit: Euchale 2014-07-03

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