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  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-04

    Move from:


    Oh, I don't think it's that bad! Very likely there must be some trivial error in the file (like some global language setting) that I'd better fix by myself without looping through your support.
    I'd like to ask you just two favors:

    1) Let's continue this discussion on a new dedicated thread. This one was supposed to deal with hooking. You can open it with the title "DxWnd localization" or something similar.

    2) Since for me japanese or chinese text are not that much different (please, don't be horrified!), I'd like you to post a bitmap image with some of your translations in graphic format, so that when I'll have asian support installed and the project recompiled, I won't be mislead in thinking that any foreign ideogram is a well translated chinese text and I will be able to judge whether the work is properly done. The image need not to be taken from DxWnd, but a screenshot of your favorite text editor will do perfectly.

    In the meanwhile, I'll have to handle the code-embedded text, so a little patience will be needed. Thank you again for your support.


    I can't believe this! Windows 7 users can install asian language pack only on Win7 Ultimate or Enterprise. A poor Win7 Professional deserves nothing at all. Should I revert back on XP? This will make things a lot more complicated, I'm afraid.

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-04
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-04

    I'd like to ask you just two favors:

    2)Please see the attached capture.

    japanese or chinese text are not that much different
    <--You are right, in fact they are very similar fonts in ancient time :)

    A poor Win7 Professional deserves nothing at all.
    <--You are right again, I hate M$... I have to upgrade to Ultimate Just for a MUI ! I know there is software overrides the limit of MUI language on non-Ultimate Windows editions, that is Vistalizator(http://www.froggie.sk/)But you should know it is not an official support and i think this software breaches M$ EULA..
    Another way is use free volume upgrade key upgrade to Ultimate, this solution is OEM only, that means at least you need a legitimate oem copy(Most laptops are bundled)It's also not a fully legitimate way for upgrade, but Ultimate is really too expensive for home users....

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-04
  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-04

    Phew! I started to be really worried. But fortunately, there's no need to but an enterprise edition, install an asian language pack or whatever: it was sufficient to save the file in unicode format instead of UTF.
    In attach, the new exe - it works in chinese even on my occidental PC as testified by the attached screenshot - and the new dxwndhost.rc file now in the proper format, that you may keep translating in your spare time.
    Please, be aware that new dxwnd releases may require some work repetition, though I expect the effort should reasonably be minimal.
    Enjoy and share with your country fellows. You are several billions, I expect this may contribute a little to my download figures... ;)

  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-04

    Oh! Just to tip the scales: is anyone there from farther east Japan country willing to candidate as a volunteer? Be aware that for this particular country I may issue further requests for gaming translation: I'm still in the middle of "Dinosaur Resurrection" translation, I'd like to finish this up!

  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-05

    Great. It works fine! Hope more people get to know dxwnd...

    Sorry for that i can't help with Dinosaur Resurrection...It's an old falcom game and i think it's not that popular as YS and Legend of Heroes, you need to find people not only know Japanese well, the most important is the translator himself is interest in this game, that is the most difficult thing..Flacom has agent in China, nobody is translating Falcom games now, they don't want get into lawsuit...Most Falcom translation team disbanded...

    Oh, I see this on the website:

    E' ufficialmente uscito Ys 7 per pc, se qualcuno trova degli shots o meglio dei filmati, oppure un commento tecnico o recensione, scriva informazioni. grazie!"

    I don't know Italian, seems your team also have plan for YS7 on PC?

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-05
    • gho

      gho - 2014-06-05

      Sadly, the figlidigaucci team is pratically discontinued. I don't have news from the administrator, nor from any other member from years (as you can see from the very outdated posts there...). But I still have access on the portal, and if I were in the possibility to complete the Dinosaur Resurrection translation, I think I could revamp the site a little. I'm particularly fond of this game because I think I did an almost complete reverse engineering of the binary scripting language, a huge work to have the possibility to translate without constraints. Now it's a real pity that such a work is not finished because of the simple lack of a translator!
      But the game is said to have a very complex language, with a lot of sentences referring to japanese culture, double meanings and a subtle humor, so it seems to be not a task for a junior translator: good knowledge of both japanese and english language and culture seems to be needed (I just report someone else's opinion, I have no means to judge directly).
      From a legal point of view, this should be not a real problem: Falcom sold the translation rights to some american company, so translation of commercial games is strongly discouraged, but I haven't seen Dinosaur Resurrection among the list of translated games, so nobody would likely care.
      Ah, b.t.w. if you search in the net, you'll likely stumble upon this www.bofgames.com/projects/dinosaur-resurrection/
      It's simply the site maintained by my former translator, who discontinued the work with me, but produced nothing at all apart from some announce. It's "Coming soon!" since years....

      • gsky916

        gsky916 - 2014-06-06

        Oh.. I see the announcement are quite new(2013 xandu) so i presumed the work is still continuous...Sorry!

        People always like similar game series i can't imaging a person who are interest in Dinosaur Resurrection won't like other falcom games..That's why chinese team get sued, they also translated very recent falcom games like Legend of Heroes and Zwei!....( I also see an unfinished zwei project on your former translator's website) You are right, in fact, it has nothing to do with the old games...

        I can understand your feelings, I know several translation projects, either lack of translator or hacker, people made great effort, all other things are almost done..but project can not move on...In some cases the translator just disappear on the halfway. I think it's a common thing happens among the translation teams..Anyhow don't lose confidence, who knows what will happen in the future, I spend 8 years and ultimately found dxwnd to deal with wfsp, so just don't give up!

  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-09

    Still awaiting your confirmation of "conv."

    simulate YUB to RGB color conv.

    • gho

      gho - 2014-06-09

      I apologize, I missed that point....
      Yes, it means "conversion", though it is one of the flags I wish to make obsolete: DxWnd should be able to detect it by itself, but so far it doesn't always happen correctly...

  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-11

    I'm (quite slowly...) progressing in the migration of all text strings into the resource file for the translation. In the meanwhile, may I ask you a favor?
    I'm curious to know how DxWnd handles unicode pathnames in the configuration: can you try to configure it to hook a game in a unicode chinese folder and see if it displays the path correctly and if the hooking works?

    • gsky916

      gsky916 - 2014-06-12

      DxWnd always works fine with chinese folder, no worries.

      Oh.. I found a minor issue when i did the testing: The banner wont show up if you check hotpatch flag.

  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-12

    Can you provide translations for the following in-code text strings? I moved them into the resource file, but I'll do the editing by myself.
    I don't expect you understand them all: some are really meant for debugging purpose, but you never know... I'll provide explainations for anything is not clear enough.
    I don't know if you understand C language, but for sake of clarity, tokens like %d or %s are to be programmatically replaced by a given number or string.

    DXW_STRING_WARNING      "Warning"
    DXW_STRING_INFO         "Info"
    DXW_STRING_ERROR        "Error"
    DXW_STRING_WAIT         "Wait"
    DXW_STRING_STEPPING     "Continue stepping?"
    DXW_STRING_ADMINCAP     "Administrator capability is missing.\nIt could be required to handle some programs.\nDo you want to acquire it?"
    DXW_STRING_WAITTASK     "A hooked task is still running.\nWait its termination."
    DXW_STRING_RESTORE      "Desktop setting has changed.\nDo you want to restore the previous ones?"
    DXW_STRING_LISTUPDATE   "Task list has changed.\nDo you want to save it?"
    DXW_STRING_EXIT         "A hooked task is still running.\nExiting now may crash it.\nDo you still want to exit?"
    DXW_STRING_CLEARLOG     "Clear log file?"
    DXW_STRING_SORTLIST     "Sort the application list?"
    DXW_STRING_NOPAUSETASK  "No active task to pause."
    DXW_STRING_PAUSETASK    "Do you want to pause\nthe ""%s"" task?"
    DXW_STRING_NORESUMETASK "No active task to resume."
    DXW_STRING_RESUMETASK   "Do you want to resume \nthe ""%s"" task?"
    DXW_STRING_NOKILLTASK   "No active task to kill."
    DXW_STRING_KILLTASK     "Do you want to kill \nthe ""%s"" task?"
    DXW_STRING_OPENPROCESS  "OpenProcess(%x) error %d, operation failed."
    DXW_STRING_TERMINATE    "TerminateProcess(%x) error %d, operation failed."
    DXW_STRING_MAXENTRIES   "Maximum entries number reached.\nDelete some entry to add a new one."
    DXW_STRING_DELENTRY     "Delete ""%s"" ?"
    DXW_STRING_CLEARALL     "Clear ALL logs?"
    DXW_STRING_TRAYFAIL     "SystemTray.Create failed"
    DXW_STRING_ICONFAIL     "SystemTray.LoadIcon failed"
    DXW_STRING_SAVELIST     "Task list has changed.\nDo you want to save it?"
    DXW_STRING_EXCEPTION    "Wait for exception handler ...\nPress OK button"
    DXW_STRING_INJECTION    "Injection error: pid=%x dll=%s"
    DXW_STRING_NEWCOLOR     "ChangeDisplaySettings: color depth %d -> %d BPP\n"
    DXW_STRING_ERRCOLOR     "ChangeDisplaySettings ERROR res=%s err=%d\n"
    Last edit: gho 2014-06-12
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-12

    No worries, i'm not a programmer but....still know a little common knowledge of computer ;)
    Variables are common in programming, i wont modify them.

    I need the context of "Continue stepping?" and "Maximum entries number reached." so that I can translate "stepping" and "entries" accurately.

    A suggestion:
    I dont know "err=%d" stands for a specific error information or just system based error number...maybe add some Error Codes(404 should not be not found :D.....just a joke) for each specific error information(e.g. "101 Injection error: pid=%x dll=%s") could make it easier for debugging if dxwnd supports more than one multi-language in the future...in case you can not understand the translated errors...

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-12
  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-12

    "Continue stepping?": in a debug mode (I think currently unavailable to users, it's for myself only, but who knows....) to debug code injection steps you can enable this mode that includes a pause between each operation by waiting for a "OK"button keypress. The message just asks for conformation to continue this way (one step at a time). If you say "NO" it runs with no further pauses. A better unabbreviated sentence would be "Do you wanto to continue to include a pause between one step and the next one?". I'm pretty confident you will shorten this a lot in chinese ideograms.

    "Maximum entries number reached.": this one is easier. To avoid performance problems, the list of programs (games) that you see in the DxWnd window is limited to a fixed maximum number (I believe 256 currently). If you try to configure a Nth+1 program, this message is shown.

    Error messages are very limited in quantity at screen: I believe normal DxWnd users wouldn't care, and a complete and untranslated english log is the best choice. This is why messages with error codes are kept very few and simple.

    Last edit: gho 2014-06-12
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-13

    You are right, a complete and untranslated english log is the best choice for debug.

    Attached is the translated in-code text strings.

    Other translations in dxwndhost.rc are under processing...maybe not so quick, i noticed you are quite busy in recent days...

  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-15

    Would you please give a little context for "fullscreen only" flag?
    I really can not get the real meaning from the plain text...neither can find it in the manual...

    I think most people use dxwnd to run "fullscreen only" game....just because dxwnd is a "Window hooker to run fullscreen programs in window"... ;)

    • gho

      gho - 2014-06-15

      I wish you good luck to try to concentrate this explaination into someting not longer than "fullscreen only" ... here it is:

      DxWnd tries to tell apart fullscreen and non-fullscreen windows: the first ones are windowized, the latter are left untouched. A typical example of non-fullscreen windows is startup splash screens, message dialogs and so on.
      This said, the problems is that sometimes it is not so obvious and easy to tell whether a window is fullscreen or not, and this is why in some cases DxWnd fails windowizing some windows: it simply thinks it is handling a non-fullscreen window.
      This "fullscreen only" flag is telling DxWnd not to try to tell the difference and treat all windows as if they were fullscreen ones. It has to be used sparingly, only when necessary, because it is just a fix to a DxWnd evident limitation, but it works....

      Good news: I finally overcome a stupid problem about how to merge char strings into widechar messages, so what really is missing for a chinese DxWnd is just your translations only!

      Last edit: gho 2014-06-15
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-15

    Ooh! Very good news and BIG pressure! :D

    I have a business trip the day after tomorrow, that means i would lack of environment and Internet accessibility next week, i'm not sure if i can dedicate enough time to finish the translation tomorrow ...

    You are so quick gho!!!

    If you don't find my feedback tomorrow...may be the translation would last to next weekend....I don't know if i can catch up your new release :(

    • gho

      gho - 2014-06-15

      Don't worry and do not hurry. Rome wasn't built in a day.
      And I still have a few things to set before releasing a fully fledged multilingual DxWnd release: I'm going to have a busy week too, but I'll try to take advantage from some of my colleagues' expertise to do something more than a simple chinese DxWnd release. I'd like to let anyone chose his preferred language, and if not available yet, to write his own translation and link that to the program without recompiling.
      Apart from being interesting and challenging, in the long run it would also save me a lot of time...
      But anyhow, if you happen to have anything more up to date by tomorrow, sent it to me: even a partial translation may highlight problems that I wasn't aware of, and would help in making the translation progress.

  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-16

    I'm afraid i cant finish it today... I translate quite slow now, some flags are really hard to understand from plain text. Sometimes they are more like a text shortcut rather than express their real usage. I had to search forum/manual/releasenote to confirm the real meaning...then consider how to express...use some other words and...briefly...(e.g."fullscreen only"), i'm quite sure great misleading would happen if i translate directly from the plain text, Chinese are used to choose the flags based on plain text.... I should not betray user's trust....

    Attached is a more up to date translation. There are still 4 tabs need to be translated. I think the translation had covered most type of objects..dialog box, flags, menus, please test them at will.

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-16
  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-16

    Thank you very much for your effort.
    I understand you're currently busy, so don't take this post as meant to put you into more pressure: I just found another couple of messages (one in particular happens to be shown quite often!) and I wish to add them at the to do list. You'll have a look at them later on return of your business trip:

    "CreateSemaphore FAILED.\nExiting."
    "DxWnd is already running.\nExiting."

    The second message is shown whenever you try to start DxWnd twice, that is something I personally do quite often! ;)

    A last note: I would suggest not to try to translate the text in the hidden Debug tab (those in the file following the IDD_TAB_DEBUG symbol): these are not shown unless DxWnd is run with the /debug argument, and are quite a mess, I'm not even sure I'm going to leave them in the final release.

    Take care


    Though I made some progresses, recent news are related mainly to a couple of problems:
    1) the DxWnd project is ANSI, there is no problem to add widestring resources, but making chinese window titles seems a problem. I hope it's not a big renounce, but the first localization will have english ANSI window titles, waiting to migrate the whole project to UNICODE.
    2) curously, it seems that recompiling the very same stuff may give different results.... I have to understand why, but sometimes some characters are not converted...

    Last edit: gho 2014-06-19
  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-21

    Thank you very much gho, I finally finished the translation!!!
    Please let me know if i missed anything, although I had checked several times...

    Since I'm not a professional player in directdraw programming and hooking ;) I searched manual/forum/releasenote to confirm most flags and msdn/wikipedia for most tech terms but i still can not guarantee i translated every term 100% perfectly...there is still possibility i made mistakes on few tech terms..I hope no...however, I'm quite confident that most common flags/menus are translated properly. ;D

    Ohoh, new task, i also always start DxWnd twice :D

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-21
    • gho

      gho - 2014-06-21

      I'm amazed.... I can't find the words to comment all this, but I'll leave that for later. Now, I'm eager to post the result of the integration of your translations into DxWnd.
      There are also a couple of surprises:
      1) a new feature added, so there are a couple of more strings to translate. They are "I/O tweaks" and "Hide empty CDROM drives". But don't worry about them, we could integrate their translation later, after some testing.
      2) I tried to make DxWnd as a single multilingual program: for this reason, you won't see any chinese text unless you run DxWnd with the /lang=ch argument. All chinese resources are in Resources_Ch.dll, and anyone can add a new language and have his own localized DxWnd! The easiest way to do add the argument is to create a program shortcut and modify it adding the argument after the DxWnd pathname. Otherwise, you may run DxWnd from the command prompt typing "DxWnd /lang=ch".

      So, take the uploaded files and help me doing some testing. There is a multilingual improved DxWnd beta waiting to be released ....

      Last edit: gho 2014-06-21
  • gho

    gho - 2014-06-22

    Hi, gsky916
    Here is posted a new file archive with the potential v2.02.80 new release.
    I made a few fixes:
    1) brought window titles back to english, since it seems that chinese fonts are not visible there
    2) made a little update in the Help->About form that I wish you to approve

    Is all this is ok for you, I'm going to release the new version.

  • gsky916

    gsky916 - 2014-06-22

    Please wait a minute, i find some place still need improve.

    1. I find some strings overflow from the display area, the overflow part get clipped! (path/launch/moudle, show time strecth, scaled GDI call)

    2. tabs did not translated(main/video/input/timing/compati..etc.)

    3. some strings did not translated(unlimited/idle/timespeed x n)

    few more suggestions:

    1. The shortcut should use relative path in v2_02_80_build.rar

    2. Window titles displayed correctly in Chinese environment(Win7).

    Please see the attached capture.

    Last edit: gsky916 2014-06-22
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