hooking launcher and its child processes?

Roy Tam
  • Roy Tam

    Roy Tam - 2013-06-15

    Some games (for example Red Alert 2) uses a small stub to call main executable with special arguments and/or environment variables.

    It will be nice to be able to hook child processes with same settings as launchers.

    • gho

      gho - 2013-06-15

      You need not hook both programs: hook just the son, and launch it from the father's interface. Isn't it working?

      • Roy Tam

        Roy Tam - 2013-06-16

        Yes it works.
        but the game has a black bar on the top, and flickering.

  • gho

    gho - 2013-06-16

    I'll see.... If I remember correctly, the C&C series had a lot of problems because of a mixed usage of ddraw and GDI functions, and I never got rid of all of them.
    I'll try again, hopefully with better luck.

    • Roy Tam

      Roy Tam - 2013-06-27

      for RA2, I noticed this: (it needs EMULATESURFACE)

      Blt: SRC2EMU src=(0,0)-(800,600) dest=(4,23)-(804,623) at 2339
      Blt: BACK2PRIM src=(0,0)-(800,600) dest=(4,23)-(804,623) at 2339

      and the blt drawings are starting in dest position in the emulated suface! so doubling the offset fix here?

      • gho

        gho - 2013-06-28

        dest=(4,23)-(804,623) should be the fixed rectangle position to take into account for the window borders. Doubling it doesn't fix the discrepancies between ddraw and GDI behaviour.
        Anyway, you're right: it's time to revise the RA2 support, now that so many updates were made.

  • Gamer DX

    Gamer DX - 2015-09-15

    Hi, I can't get RA2 v1.006 to work well with DxWnd. Also, I'm trying to wait before posting new requests because I don't want to burden. I have a backlog of games needing fixes now. =)

    1) I'm setting it up correctly,however DxWnd will only hook when I start the EXE manually outside of DxWnd window.
    2) The Black screen fix mentioned here works for me whereas DxWnd doesn't work for me http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Command_%26_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2
    3) I would like to use DxWnd for as many games as possible, it's the best solution.
    4) The game seems to work in W10 x64 bit with Compat settings set at XP SP2, 16-bit color, and Admin.
    5) In addition to the compat settings above, I'm launching with these options
    Ra2.exe -win -SPEEDCONTROL


    • Gamer DX

      Gamer DX - 2015-09-15

      Another C&C: RA2 note, for C&C: YR, the installer comes up with a black screen with sound, so I loaded it up with DxWnd (\Setup\Setup.exe) and was able to see the installer in a windows and install.

      The actual game still needs the ddraw.dll fix, I haven't checked to see if DxWnd wil fix C&C: YR, and since I wasn't able to get C&C: RA2 working with DxWnd, it's unlikley I'll be able to get C&C YR working with DxWnd.

      Gho, it would be great if you can look into this. The in-game issue for both games is the button text and other pics don't appear and I've read others have this issue as well. Thx!


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