Hi Nicolas,

> > > But I'm not really willing to add a new em8300-specific ioctl. The
> > > reason is that I'm willing to switch to a standard API in order to get
> > > included into linux. Adding a new ioctl certainly does not help this
> > > goal, but I'm all for implementing this through ioctl using a standard
> > > API if this is possible.
> > See what I can do ... what standard API are you aiming on? Are there different 
> > ones? In what direction should we investigate?

> If only I knew... It seems that the V4L2 API might be usable (and seems 
> to be used by the IVTV driver, which support PVR-350 boards which have 
> an hardware MPEG decoder, just like H+ and DXR3 boards).

If you will remove some functions from the interface - it can affect other software using these functions, 
but what will wrong if you will add new fuction?
It is roughly DXR3 has same API with PVR-350 drivers at the IOCTL level.