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New Version 1.13

In version 1.13 you can now attach files to your emails and send them off to whomever you are sending them to. It is however experimental and may fail.

These are the list of changes from the changelog:

- Simplified the avatar system
- Include more specific instructions on using QuickPHP with DX2
- Show the progress bar animation when switching accounts on the fly
- Emails now support adding attachments via ajax (Very Experimental, may fail)
- Email attachment removal from new message creation window
- Entire redesign of the new email message window
- Adaptive xml cache cleaning on the fly (see class_DX_Imap_Online::processEmails)
- Improve speed of glob searches
- Javascript will process avatars when the option is disabled instead of the server

Posted by voidsnake 2012-05-01

New Version 1.12

Version 1.12 now supports switching between email accounts on the fly during both the login screen and the email screen. Just make sure that you run the setup page in the setup folder to create a description of your email accounts. This also means that you won't have to mess around with the "define_email.php" file anymore.

Posted by voidsnake 2012-04-24

New Version 1.11

Hi everyone, I have uploaded a new version of the client, most of the changes are bug fixes. Of note I have split the configuration to a separate file since it becomes a hassle to include your personal choices every time the main javascript file changes.

Btw, If you like this email client please consider making a donation of any amount.

The changes in 1.11 are:

- Fix extra formatting from <html> to &lt;html&gt;
- Switch to JQuery UI's implementation of draggable window stacks via 'option','stack','selector'
- Include the previous email body for email replies
- Include date of the email in small font, below subject
- Fix login input not changing to circles
- Slightly improve email window responsiveness when logging in
- Split the configurations to a separate file away from dx2.js... read more

Posted by voidsnake 2012-04-21

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