Concurrency strategy

  • Adso

    Adso - 2011-03-21

    Perhaps I'm wrong but concurrency seems to be not  working as one would expect. Example:

    1) User A reads a record.
    2) User B reads the same record.
    3) User B changes data and saves the record.
    4) User A changes data and saves the record.

    I expected that action 4 would display a message  warning user A that data had been changed by another user/process since loaded, but Dataweb simply writes both changes keeping last one. Am I missing anything?


  • Danilo Limatola Esterno

    Unfortunately, the concurrency has not yet been implemented, so writes all changes keeping last one. In the future we want manage two concurrency type:

    1) optimistic: when the user save the record, will be warned that the record was been changed. So it must update the record and make changes again.
    2) pessimistic: the user can not start editing on a record if another user is editing. So must wait until the other user save or cancel the changes.

    Best regards
    Danilo Limatola

  • Adso

    Adso - 2011-03-22

    Thank you, Danilo. any schedule?

    Carlos Sánchez

  • Danilo Limatola Esterno

    Unfortunately I can not tell when this thing will be implemented.
    However, it is an important thing to do, so hopefully soon.


  • Adso

    Adso - 2011-03-24

    Yes, very important … Thank you anyway, I'll wait.

    Kind regards,
    Carlos Sánchez


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