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DVDx for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

New release provides complete error-free installers for every platform and corrected QuickTime profiles to ensure current AppleĀ® QuickTime 7 player compliance ; it improves DVD loading, VP8/WebM playing/encoding, H.264/MKV playback and comes with updated FFMpeg/MEncoder engines.


- add progress-bar while loading file
- set large time-out (10s) for MediaInfo and FFprobe
(required for large files and when loading DVD)
- fix H.264 playback issue with MKV files
- fix resampling multi-channel audio with FFmpeg (file input)
- correct QuickTime profiles (H.264 and MPEG-4) for file input
- remove QuickTime (MOV) and iPOD format for DVD input (do MKV first)

- add player-dvd.exe (Sherpya-SVN-r30369-4.2.5) for subtitle preview
- new MPlayer/MEncoder builds (r33488, better VP8 playback support)
- new FFMpeg build (git-N-30344)
- uninstall silently previous version

- added libdvdcss2_1.2.10-0.4_i386.deb available as extra download,
libdvdcss2 is required to read encrypted DVD movies
- added DVD authentication (may not be needed but not sure)

Mac OS X:
- fix uncomplete installation bundle
- add DVD authentication (no more needed to play DVD before opening in DVDx 4)
- new MEncoder build to fix DVD encoding issues (AAC audio, Xvid/DivX and H.264/AVC)
- new FFmpeg-dvdx4 build to support AMR-NB audio encoding (3G2/3GP/MOV)
- set default player latency started/finished to 5000ms instead of 3000ms
- restart after installation to display icon in /Applications

Posted by Starbuck 2011-06-07

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