DVDx for Windows and now for Linux!

We're proud to be announce the very first release of DVDx for Linux platforms!

Linux users were expecting DVDx for a long time and they had to wait the completely re-written DVDx 4 versions. DVDx 4 Linux editions offers same GUI with same features as the Windows versions. There's a limitation, due to FFmpeg/MEncoder, the Linux edition supports less output formats, we've to disable 3GP/3G2, iPod, PSP, MP4 audio files and MP4/AAC audio codec. Nevertheless Linux users are able to encode in a bunch of video formats;

AVI (DivX/Xvid)
Flash Video
Apple QuickTime
Ogg Vorbis

and audio formats: AC-3, AU, MP3 and WAV.

We aren't use to package Linux applications for Debian or Ubuntu distros, so we've release DVDx 4.0 in a Linux i386 self-installer.

We encourage Windows users to upgrade to for the improvements and the new MPlayer engine which displays subtitles correctly.

Version bug fixes & display improvement

- reduced AAC bitrate (better quality alignment with MP3 half bitrate)
- added AAC HQ profiles with high bitrates to HD movies
- added MP3 Low Rates to replace AAC Low Rates on Linux

- change preferred audio codecs for 3GP/3G2 formats
- add mp3_flv virtual codec for 44.1khz high profile in FLV format
- disable AAC audio and 3G2/3GP, iPOD (M4A/M4V) formats on Linux
- add source name display in encoding progress widget
- apply QProcess::close() method to all Qprocess on stack (avoid segment fault in linux/macx)
- use -vframes and -aframes FFmpeg options for encoding preview

- main.pro fixed to compile on Linux

- fix (Windows) mixing subtitle display in player (change MPlayer to Sherpya-SVN-r30369-4.2.5)

Posted by Starbuck 2011-05-03

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