New in DVDx 2.1

Skins and gui:
-changed buttons to single bitmap
-added 'file' button to select output file name
-changed order of buttons
-Selectable preview aspect ratio

-added 2 pass encoding
-YUY2 export now works for Xvid codec
-AviSetStream failure for Divx 5.0.3 fixed

Internal mpeg encoder:
-faster motion search (20% in high motion search)
-quantization done in double (iDCT/DCT setting)
-occasional less frames than premiere plugins fixed
-'normal' calculation mode haze fixed
-picture quality improved

-mpeg/vob scanning fix
-Mpeg1 demuxer fix
-Support for DVD with non consecutives cells
-Best management of invalid streams and damaged DVD (ASPI mode)
-Audio frequency detection (MPEG1 scanning)

Premiere plugins:
-48khz audio support (can use '48khz no conversion')
-Supprt for CCE 2.66
-CCE stop while encoding fixed

-added updating output estimation for avi and internal encoder
-temporary 'SaveDVD' HD file is now selectable location/name
-shutdown properly for Windows 98/ME and 2000/XP
-DVDx.exe and DVDxP4.exe merged
-Added TAP resize filter (HQ 2 Pass filtering)
-Interface for VCDWizard (Add chapter in your VCD/SVCD)
Posted by Jean Luc PONS 2003-01-30

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