why subtitle font is bad like urgly?

  • manuel muzzurru

    manuel muzzurru - 2014-01-21

    i did add subtitle font arial, but it ugly style font like bad pixel hard..
    there is SOFT pixel for subtitle ?
    dvdstyler 2.6

  • Edward

    Edward - 2014-01-24

    I doubt you'll get nice SOFT, Anti-Aliased subtitles with only 16 colors. DVD-players don't do AA. Take any commercial DVD, anyone at all! Any of them 100% soft?
    Otherwise, you could design your own curls and arcs for each subtitle. Find a drawing program that can handle a palette of 16 colors (NOT 16-bit) and can save PNG files with transparency, make each subtitle picture the size of the product DVD (720x480, 704x576, etc) and draw your subs using 3 colors: Background(transparent), Text Outline, and Text Fill. AA? Yeah, right, you are creating the perfect curves that don't require AA here.
    Once these pictures are saved, create an XML file describing your subtitles in accordance with DVDAuthor's spumux program. Note that the times in this XML file are in the format "HR:MM:SS.HU" where HU is frames between seconds, so in NTSC that is 00-29 and PAL is 00-24.
    When that is done... Oh, if your video isn't already an MPEG be sure to convert it before hand to a DVD encoded MPEG with right bitrate (so you can just copy the quality), then run spumux on the mpg and copy the result into DVDStyler. You can already see how the subtitles turned out by running the new mpg in VLC or the likes.

    Hope this has been a big help.


  • manuel muzzurru

    manuel muzzurru - 2014-01-25


    then i'll start to below to your help, but when i create drawing program but how i drawing in area(inkscape), there is an example file png (demonstration) so i will undy how i can drawing in area pixel (inkscape) after i will spumux ok? but first i need an example png demo ok?
    thank you best help!!

  • ecodrv

    ecodrv - 2014-03-12

    I guess "HU" is hundreths of a second.

    around "## time code of the form HR:MM:SS:HU"

    Edward's reply is so interesting!!!

    • Edward

      Edward - 2014-03-23

      Oh, hundredths? Hm. Maybe it is the win version I downloaded, but when I made a sup, I first tried in mills and the timing was way off, and when I tried in frames (00-24) it was quite good. Didn't keep a close eye on it because I sort of expected frame drops. May compare it a little better some other time.

      • ecodrv

        ecodrv - 2014-03-23

        I am Japanese and my English is not very good.

        My OS is Windows7.
        I used spuunmux of dvdauthor.
        "HU" was "67".

        Edward's way can change colors of a subtitle stream at each scene and can draw figures.
        It is so interesting!!!

  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2014-03-12

    Just a note. spu.xml / png can be exported from Subtitle Edit from text based sutitles.

    • ecodrv

      ecodrv - 2014-03-13

      Thank you very much for your advice!
      It looks good!
      I will try it.


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