Menus just don't work

Bud Fudder
  • Bud Fudder
    Bud Fudder

    I really need some help. I've tried everything I can think of - when I create a DVD, the menus just don't work. I'm after a simple interface, with just one menu screen, with a button for each of the videos on the disk. I run it on my PC and it works fine. I put it into the DVD player and no button has the focus, and no matter what buttons I hit, no button ever gets the focus. What am I doing wrong?

    I have a vmMenu which is empty - the only thing in it is a post command to jump to the menu screen.

    I have a Menu which holds the four buttons - it has a pre command of "button=1024;" (to get the first button focus whtn the screen starts).

    Apart from that there's just the four buttons, each of which is tied to a video.

    It all seems pretty simple to me - but it just won't work!

    Many thanks for any help.

  • Frank Davis
    Frank Davis

    Just right click on the button that you want to have first focus and ensure the "First highlighted button" option is checked. No pre command is required in this case.

  • Henry de Jong
    Henry de Jong

    In all my various tries at burning a DVD with menus in v2.5 I was getting no menu functionality whatever in my DVD player. Dead buttons. Buttons were not and could not be selected. But the menu worked in my Windows 7 player. I was about ready to give up on DVDStyler, but I decided to upgrade my DVD player first, just in case. I had a Phillips DVP 642, which must be at least five years old. I bought a Phillips 3680 for $40. All of my experiments came to life in the new player and I'm happily committed to DVDStyler again.

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace

    I never had any problem until my old Samsung DVD player died and i replaced it with a brand new Pioneer DVD player now all my old DVD menus no longer work? :( :(

  • Dietrich Benn
    Dietrich Benn

    Hi, my first thread here.
    I've just the same problem (after three attempts, I've V2.6):
    The project will play on PC in preview but the DVD in my player will only show the Main menu (there's only one, with 2 titles, no 2nd. menu).
    There's no reaction on any button with the remote. I can see the button "Play All" being highlighted as I'd set it up in the properties, but that's all.
    On the right side of main menu there are two frames with the two movies loaded (both configured as buttons too) showing pictures of the movie selected, but they also cannot be activated. By fortune in one attempt herein I've selected 15 sec. of the movie rather than still pictures. And strangely as long as they'll play while the menu is shown in the DVD-player all buttons work correctly and DVD can be started, but no longer after they end.
    Also when here only pictures are selected ("Video: 0 sec." as is preset) DVD can not be started.
    Parameters "Action" and "Navigation" of all buttons (3) have been set usefully.
    But I'm not sure about settings in the "DVD Options" (menu appearing also partially at project start): How must "Command at first playback" be set, empty (default) or "jump title set 1 menu" (I've only 1 menu) or "jump title 1" or others, it's not described in the guide.
    The parameters "jump pads" are unchecked, "create empty menu/vmMenu" is checked whatever that means.
    How to get any log-file that could be sent?
    Hope others have the same problem or someone can help me.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • JMJ

    I can't reproduce your problem but could make a couple of suggestions.

    1) Since your menu is working when herein I've selected 15 sec I could suggest you to tick the "Loop" checkbox on the property sheet for the menu.

    2) If you only wants still for the buttons try using "Image" instead of "Video".

    3) Try another button type than frame.

    About "First play commands" and "Create jumppads":

    A video DVD is divided into 4 domains:

    First-play (FP)
    Video Manager (VMG)
    Video Title Set (VTS)
    Video Title Set Menu (VTSM)

    Commands in the FP domain is executed when you insert a DVD into a player and is executed only once in contrast to fx. pre-commands to a menu that is executed every time the menu is invoked.

    If you leave it empty DVDStyler will make a command that jumps to the first menu in the VMG domain. This is normally an empty menu that only has a pre-command to jump to the root menu of your first Titleset (VTS).

    On a DVD you can not jump from one titlet to another. Such jumps has to pass through the VMG domain. However, using jumppads DVDStyler takes care of this for you allowing you fx. to have a button on a menu in titleset 1 with an action like jump titleset 2 menu;


  • Dietrich Benn
    Dietrich Benn

    Thanks JMJ for your help!
    To all with same problems: After many attempts I found the reason for "No reaction with DVD/BD-Player but o.k. with PC-preview." It's unbelievable, but indeed this depends on the player used.
    With my 1. player used at first (Teufel IP7000 and others with same chips) I got that problem, reacting on no button while the main menu was shown, only "Play All" was and kept highlighted (Bud: look if this is the case with your).
    This is always when I select "Video" with "0 sec." runtime or any picture for the video button (video title shown on the right side in main menu or in 2nd. menu if any). But as soon as I select a video and a longer runtime the navigation in the main menu will work with the DVD in player.
    If "Repeat" or "Loop" is unchecked in main menu properties navigation will be possible ONLY as long as the video in menu will run (selected runtime). But if "Loop" is checked, navigation will always work except the brief moment the video loops back for being repeated (in that time frame or underline color of the button selected will change from highlighted to normal briefly, then back to highlighted again).
    With my 2nd. player used, a Panasonic BDP, there were no problems at all, its navigation always worked, also with pictures selected for the video buttons.
    By the way: I've tried to set up same DVD with AVS V.C. program and this worked, also with my first player (but I couldn't produce titles, only chapters with it until now).

    Summarized you can say:
    a) With this program what happens in the preview on PC is not always the same as with a DVD/BD player (at least with those critical ones). So the preview has limited use for me.
    b) If you've one of those critical players keep selected the video (no picture) and select a runtime for the video buttons and check "Loop" in menu properties. Then navigation should always work.