Menus, chapters,or titles?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins - 2013-01-19

    I have been trying to create a DVD with two introductory files, and one main file. I have the main file divided into six (6) chapters, and what I have been trying to do is to have a menu setup where I can opt to select each of those chapters of the main file separately, OR play the main file in it's entirety. The question (or questions, if you will)that I have is this: How do I go about accomplishing that, or does it have to do with how the menus need to be set up?

  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2013-01-22

    First your two introductory

    a) DVD -> Option -> First play command -> jump title 1;
    b) Post command for title 1 : jump title 2; (alternatively you could add number two as a chapter to number one)


    You can't play your chapters individually. You can make buttons start at a certain chapter, however it'll play the rest of the movie. But why not just divide it into 6 individuallly files ?


  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins - 2013-01-22

    I beg to differ, but you CAN play chapters individually (by using the post command "call last menu" with the chapters). Unfortunately, what I DON'T know how to do, as of yet, is to set it up so as to determine whether I play each chapter separately, OR play the file in it's entirety. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2013-01-22

    ?? Perhaps we have a different perception of the word "Chapter". As I understand you, you have 3 files say


    and you want to use 6 chapters for MOVIE.MKV ? But MOVIE.MKV is one Title with one post-command for the title - not the individual chapters ? I attach a projectfile (DVDStyler 2.3.5) for this case (MOVIE.MKV has chapters every 4th minutes so it needs to be more than 20 min)

    If you want the files I use you can download them from!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins - 2013-01-24

    It seems that yes - we DO have a different perception of the word "Chapter", because I have only 1 .MPG file which is divided into 6 chapters of about 25 to 30 minutes each.

    Oh...I tried to download those files that you mentioned, and got a message saying "File blocked for violation".

  • Frank Davis

    Frank Davis - 2013-01-24

    If your project only includes the one title you could simply create 6 buttons on a menu page within the same titleset, then setting the button properties for each button accordingly per the below. No pre or post commands are even required in this case. You'd just need to make sure you added the start times for chapters 2-6 to the properties of the title, so that in turn all 6 chapters were available to choose from in the drop down list. Chapter 1 is created by default.

    Button1 (Chapter 1) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 1"
    Button2 (Chapter 2) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 2"
    Button3 (Chapter 3) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 3"
    Button4 (Chapter 4) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 4"
    Button5 (Chapter 5) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 5"
    Button6 (Chapter 6) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 6"
    Button7 (Play All) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 1"

    Of course once the particular chapter ends the next one will begin until you've reached the end of chapter 6. You're just setting the point where playback begins within the title. Now if you wanted to be able to have each individual chapter play as if they were TV episodes for instance, then taking you back to the menu in addition to having a "play all" option you could simply drag your one title into your project 5 more times, then setting the video properties for each instance accordingly to only include the start and end times for the particular chapter. To ensure a smooth transition if implementing a "Play All" option you'd want to be sure the end and start time from one title to the next was the same, i.e. title one (00:00:00-00:25:00), title two (00:25:00-00:50:00). Not sure how smooth the transition would be with the "Play All" option though. Guess it all depends on the content and whether there are clean breaks at your chapter points. Certainly can't hurt to give it a try using the "just generate" option when burning the project, so that you can first play the video_ts folder from the hard drive before decided to burn it to blank media. The resulting video_ts folder should also be no larger than if your project contained just the one instance of the title. Of course if you had plenty of room you could always use 7 instances of the title with your project, the first for use with the "Play All" option where you wouldn't edit the start and end time. You could still set chapters 2-6 of course. The other 6 instances would be used for playing just the particular chapter by editing the start and end times for each.

    Last edit: Frank Davis 2013-01-24
  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2013-01-24

    I stand corrected. We agree on the concept of chapter. It was your use of the word Post-Command that confused me :-). I guess what your are using is a cell command and I must admit I quite forgotten that DVDStyler can handle cell command through the chapter editor since - I believe - version 2.

    So I tried using a conditional cell command, ie whether to return to the menu after playing a chapter or continue to the next cell, but got an error stating that only one command can be compiled.

    My normal workflow when I need cell commands is to author a DVD with DVDStyler and then make the cell commands with DVDReMake - where you can do conditional cell commands.


  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins - 2013-01-26

    I found DVDReMake, but it seems that I have to pay for it, the problem is that as of right now I can't afford to pay for much of anything, so is there any chance of my getting a free program (not a demo) that does the same thing?

    Last edit: Bilbo Baggins 2013-01-26
  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2013-01-26

    DVDRemake used to have a free version limited to merging 2 DVDs (4 for the pro-version). Perhaps it's changed.

    Another tool might be PgcEdit. Not as userfriendly IMO, however I'm not so familiar with it since it became nagware (You'll get a pop-up asking for donation).


  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins - 2013-01-26

    Just a thought here - maybe DVDStyler needs a "Play all chapters" option.


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