2.5.2 Faulty Thumbnails and errors during creation

  • columbia93

    columbia93 - 2013-10-05

    I'm starting a new thread simply because there was so much info on the other. I finally was able to create a DVD with 2.5.2 today but it's something for the waste bin. As I mentioned several days ago, the thumbnail for this version (as well as the 2.6 beta version) are messed up and of no use. With this creation, I modified each of the 4 thumbnails (4 episodes) with a picture of my choosing from the film and, when I move to the next thumbnail, the one I just "fixed" reverts back to whatever default it starts out with. Going back in to the Properties for that button shows the frame I chose but it is not on the Chapter Selection page. I went ahead and ran the create DVD and the Chapter Selection page of the finished product is the default pictures and NOT the frames I chose.

    Additionally, the below message showed up every few lines throughout the entire creation process. Don't know what it means, meaning I'm don't know what it means for the end product, assuming the thumnbnails were correct. Basically I'm still without a workable program. I guess my next waste of more than an hour will be to not use the thumbnail option (like 1.8 or something) and see what the timestamp issue is and what it means to being able to play it back on a stand-alone DVD player.

    [dvd @ 0109f9c0] Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:1; previous: 63439110, current: 63438120; changing to 63439111. This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file.

  • columbia93

    columbia93 - 2013-10-12

    Well, I put this away for a few days but I'm needing to get them done so...here I am, back again.

    I am creating DVDs for a series I taped 11 months ago. I can't recall if I edited them with Movie Maker or Freemake but obviously any problems I'm now having will have nothing to do with the updating of Freemake on the 1st of this month!

    3 Episodes: these were part of a series of 10 and were taped back-to-back. It is likely that I used the same editing program but not a given. I have created 2 DVDs from these episodes without issue prior to recent events and still have 6 episodes to go. Again, these were recorded/edited very nearly a year ago.

    I'm using a saved .dvds and merely swapping out the 3 episodes. (I'm stating this so as to indicate to you that the .dvds file is not a variable.) Prior to creating the DVD, the thumbnails for episodes 6 & 7 are appearing as directed but the thumbnail for episode 5 is showing black, even though I've repeatedly changed it to something else. As I said before, the thumbnail shows correctly when I edit it in properties but the second I switch to another action, the thumbnail reverts to the black box. Clicking on properties again indicates that the frame I chose is still selected but that is NOT the final product. And as I've also said before, after I create the DVD, the thumbnails that show as corrupt in the program remain corrupt in the final product, despite what the properties tab shows.

    I see that it's been 6 days since I last wrote to this forum regarding the thumbnail issue and I've not received a response. I wrote several times since the first of the month and I only received 1 response and that was only to suggest using version 2.5, which I'd told you I had already used and the issue with the thumbnails. What I'm trying to say is that I've spent a lot of time and have detailed to you ALL of the issues I'm having and where I'm having them and I've virtually been ignored. These problems started when I updated to 2.5 so I think that is an inappropriate response. I don't recall exactly which version I was using but, using my many registry saves labeled "DVDStyler update problem" back at the beginning of December, I'm guessing it was likely something in the 2.2 or 2.3 range.

    If I recall my many messages at the beginning of the month (which I highly recommend you reread as there was an enormous amount of information and detail there), the issue with the thumbnails occurs first in one of the 2.4 version. Since I've been using DVDStyler for a couple of years, give or take, I recall the problems when a video option was first given for the thumbnails - lots of crashing and basically making sure not to use them. It was great when that was finally fixed but I'm guessing it's back to square one on the thumbnail issue. My next attempt at a correct creation will be to try still images and see if that works. If it doesn't, I'll be back to the far past with no images at all!

    My apologies if you think I'm being too harsh but I've put a great deal of time in trying to get this to work, as well as a lot of time and effort into writing these threads and being as detailed as I can be in order to assist you guys. It is extremely frustrating to have all of that time and hard work ignored. With no communication, the message I'm receiving is that you feel it is my fault and not that of a faulty update so nothing will be fixed. Is that correct?

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-12

    @Columbia93, let me see if I can help you with your problem. No promises of a solution but who knows, we might get lucky.
    From what I've read so far you are taping Sopranos off of the TV using WinTV (.ts) converted to .mpg (which DVDStyler won't accept directly).
    I read this: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/315046-How-can-I-convert-and-edit-Hauppauge-WinTV-ts-files-to-make-a-DVD
    that concludes that the .mpg file that WinTV makes should be readable in DVDStyler but I suppose you want to edit out the commercials using Movie Maker or Freemake.

    You mention that the first four edited episodes worked in DVDStyler but episode 5 is the one that is giving you the problem. Episodes 6 and 7 also work in DVDStyler.

    Let's look at episode 5 of the Sopranos. Is this the suspect file?
    C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Sopranos\Sopranos 4-1.wmv

    In the dump that you provided this file:
    C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Sopranos\The Sopranos Title Page with Intro Movie.wmv
    was edited in Movie Maker, as the Metadata indicates:
    Application : Windows Movie Maker 6.0.6002.18273

    the Metadata for:
    C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Sopranos\Sopranos 4-1.wmv
    DeviceConformanceTemplate: M2
    WMFSDKNeeded :
    WM/WMADRCPeakReference: 327
    WM/WMADRCPeakTarget: 327
    WM/WMADRCAverageReference: 531
    WM/WMADRCAverageTarget: 531
    WMFSDKVersion : 11.0.6002.18049

    I will assume that this file was edited by FreeMake

    Do you keep the original WinTV file that was used to make Sopranos 4-1.wmv ??

  • columbia93

    columbia93 - 2013-10-12

    First to your comment...

    I now record TV using WinTV because WMC copy protects EVERYTHING. WTV records in .ts format, which I have automatically convert to MPEG-2. There are the rare occasions when the original file doesn't convert, which is what led me to use Freemake as an editor, since Windows Movie Maker doesn't handle .ts files. And no, I don't keep the originals because a 2 hour movie with this method takes up about 24G of space. Once it is edited and converted to .wmv, it only takes about 1G of space. I've started favoring Freemake because I have many options for the final product - 5.1 stereo, widescreen, even HD. Windows, of course, has VERY little available.

    Now, I'm not worrying about The Sopranos right now because it was too big of a problem. Instead I moved on to The Pacific, which I recorded in November 2012. There were 10 episodes back-to-back and, while I can't guarantee I used the same editing program, it is likely I did. As to whether I used Freemake or WMM, I don't know - possibly WMM because I wasn't using Freemake as often back then. So, with The Pacific, this is what I've found...

    DVDStyler has a problem with the thumbnails. It ISN'T about the editing program I use. Again, this is a DVDStyler thumbnail issue.

    I've broken this series into 3 episodes per disc (EP1 was attached to EP10 of Band of Brothers). I have a vmMenue with looping video taken from the opening credits. I have a second Menu with 3 texts for Episode info, 3 video buttons for each Episode, an arrow directing back to 1st menu and an arrow to Play All.

    I drag the 3 episodes into the bottom bar then I edit them - making sure the aspect is correct, which oddly it isn't most of the time even though I've set my default to 16:9 and the videos are in 16:9. (As a side note, quite a number of my videos show up in DVDStyler as PAL, even though the default is NTSC.) I then add an additional chapter at the end so it is easy to click through the credits. I'm not likely your new chapter edit - don't really see the purpose of seeing the frames because you could click on them before if you wanted to edit and see right where you were. Also, having the settings as a separate tab means 1 more click...not deal-breaking but why add to it? Additionally, you no longer show the length of the video, which was helpful when deciding to add a chapter or just extend the current one. Again, more steps. Anyway, I don't edit the chapter frames, way too much trouble and I've learned in the past that too much editing can crash this program, including messing with the chapters.

    OK, so now I have the recordings in the program. Because of the thumbnail issue, I've had to be very careful of the order I do things right now. I go into the settings button (top left) and change the title of the DVD. I also go through every button on both menus to make sure they weren't corrupted and are still doing what they were supposed to do. (A bit OCD but, when it takes 1 1/2 hours just to create, I've learned from past experience just to cross every t and dot every i.) I then change the text above the buttons that indicate the Episode # & Title. Then I tackle the videos for the Episode buttons. I select the Properties button for the first one, make sure it is setup for the correct title and then click on Video. I find the frame I want - just FYI, this window is really small and I have to drag it to the upper left and then grab the lower right to pull it to a larger, workable size. I click OK and move to the next button. When I click on that, I notice the 1st title button reverts to the default image but I leave it alone, for now. I do the same with the 2nd & 3rd buttons that I did with button 1. I then go BACK to the first button. I click on the Video button in properties and see the frame is the one I chose but is NOT the one showing. I have to change it a few frames, click OK and go back in and choose the frame I wanted in the first place, click OK then immediately save and DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE.

    ONLY AT THIS TIME am I able to create a DVD with all 3 thumbnails working. Done and Done.

    Now, this only works if I have 3 Titles. If I add a 4th Title, which most of my series recordings are, it all goes out the window. Using the .dvds file from the above, I used it as a test and added a 4th recording to the end and added a 4th Title button. Immediately the 2nd Title button corrupted, too. With 3 Titles, I can fix everything, go back to the 1st Title, fix it and save immediately, then create, and everything works as it should. With the 2nd button corrupting now, that is no longer an option because the moment I try to fix the 2nd button, the 1st reverts. I tried to see what would happen if I added a 5th Title but the program crashed, it was late, and I've not yet tried again. I figured I'd write this first because I think it is likely the issue here.

    As I have time, I'll test it a little further - add a 5th Title to see if the 3rd button corrupts, as well as see what happens if there is only 1 or 2 Titles to see if the 1st one always corrupts or if the limit is 2...

    I appreciate your looking into this and reading my past threads. It is really frustrating because I've more recordings going on all the time so my HD starts filling up and then it takes about 1 1/2 hours each time just to run DVDStyler, which also ties up my computer. Just testing problems a couple of times can basically take up an evening! I'll revisit The Sopranos when the thumbnail issue is corrected to see if there is anything wrong in the way Freemake and DVDStyler interact but, as there hasn't been an issue with them in the past AND it appears I've isolated the thumbnail problem to be with DVDStyler, I'm hopeful that once the thumbnails are fixed, there won't be any more problems - at least until the next time I update!

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-12

    Can you tell me which version of DVDStyler you are now working with?

    P.S. I am just a DVDStyler user and not the DVDStyler programmer. That is Alex Thuering.

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-12

    Also, are you still working with Vista? If so I would suggest upgrading to Windows 7. It is much more stable.

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-12

    I will try to reproduce the problem you outline above using .wmv files.
    I am using DVDStyler version 2.5.1
    This may take a while.

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-13

    Ok, here is what I found out.
    I downloaded FreeMake Video Converter version (bypassing all the extra value programs offered)
    I took a short video file and passed it through Win Movie Maker to make a .wmv file
    (6 minutes 133Mb)
    I took the same video file and passed it through FreeMake and created two .wmv file
    (cut it to a 2 minute file 40Mb ) one for a sample and one to change.
    I used the same video file and passed it through FreeMake and created a .mpg file
    (cut it to a 2 minute file 86Mb )
    I passed the same video file through FreeMake and created a .mp4 file
    (cut it to a 2 minute file 38Mb)

    I created a session in DVDStyler (version 2.5.1) and installed all five videos in one Menu and tried to change the thumbnail pictures:
    1. The FreeMake .wmv files would not change the thumbnail picture
    2. The Win Movie Maker .wmv file would change the thumbnail picture but the picture was "letterboxed" with a black strip at the top and bottom.
    3. The FreeMaker .mpg file would change the thumbnail picture but the file size was very large.
    4. The FreeMaker .mp4 file would change the thumbnail picture and the file size was nice and compact.

    The session "burned" without error.

    My conclusion is that the FreeMaker conversion to a .wmv file is faulty. I would use the FreeMake .mp4 files in DVDStyler in the future.

    I hope this helps.

    Last edit: TomCap 2013-10-13
    • RevBilly666

      RevBilly666 - 2015-01-27

      Thank you TomCap! You solved my mystery. I just posted a cry for help regarding inability to change thumbnail video frames on some of my clips, then I ran across your post describing similar behavior. Lo and behold, the clips that were causing me grief were from FreeMake Video Converter. So, I ran them through Windows Movie Maker and now I can select the video frame with no problem. I will now remove the other post.

  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-20

    You are welcome.

  • columbia93

    columbia93 - 2013-10-22

    I have not been back to this since I last posted ... real life, birthday, Go Chiefs! and working with the program.

    Tom, I appreciate all of your effort but it doesn't work that way for me. Too bad the actual DVDStyler guy isn't commenting!

    First, I use Vista because there is no way in h*** I'm going to give Microsoft another $150 to upgrade to Win7 when MS SHOULD have given deep discounts to anyone with Vista. That said, I don't have too many problems with Vista so I'll go on past this comment.

    Second, I have WinTV converting .ts mpeg2 to mpg automatically. I've never been able to create DVDs using this file, which is why I convert...that and the fact that I need to edit the file anyway.

    Third, the thumbnail issue occurs to some degree whether I'm using Freemake or WMM. As you discovered, WMM doesn't show the clip in the correct aspect, "squishing" it to include black bars on each side. The Freemake shows the thumbnail in the correct aspect but the video is choppy, like a slideshow. (Again, this is new. I've never had the problem before Regardless of whether the clip is WMM or Freemake, only the last 2 episodes will change thumbnails...if there are 3 episodes, the first one doesn't work, 4 episodes, the first two don't work. Let me just add that I'm using 30 sec video clips as the thumbnail...not still images.

    Fourth, I didn't have this problem with earlier versions. To what degree the fault lies with Freemake or DVDStyler and their new versions, I can't say BUT, I was having problems with DVDStyler BEFORE updating to the new version of Freemake. And, I was not having problems prior to updating to DVDStyler 2.5 and above. (I'm now on 2.6 beta 2 because Alex Thuering suggested it because of my problems, although nothing changed.) I also had worked with Freemake video that I'd converted prior to updating and was still having problems with the newer version of DVDStyler. I tried going back to earlier versions of DVDStyler but it seems like when you start down that dark road, things that worked before no longer do. Believe me, I cleaned the registry and everything and it is a long and tedious project that, after doing about 5 times with this update, I don't want to do again. And it is something I have to do each time I update DVDStyler.

    Fifth, I don't keep the original files because they are too large and take up too much space on my hard drive. A 1 hour show will create around 4G (which is actually double at the time because of the recording and then converting of WinTV). I have a lot of video on my computer because of the time it takes to convert/create/burn. A 1 hour show takes 1 hour to record, 30 min to convert, 2 hours to edit and convert using Freemake and, if DVDStyler is working correctly and I just have to pop in an episode and go, another 1.5 hours to create DVD and then 1/2 hour to burn DVD. Multiply by 3 or 4 for a series disk and you'll see why I'm not working through them as fast as I'd like. Next, add days/weeks that I'm trying to get DVDStyler to work and then you'll understand my frustration.

    I've been contacting Freemake repeatedly to try and get an earlier version to see if that helps the situation, but there has been no response. (I can't find earlier downloads on their website.) I can try an additional conversion of my current recordings - it makes me thing of MIchael Keaton in Multiplicity when the copy of a copy is "fuzzy" - and see if the 8 hours each I've already dedicated to them and the additional 6 hours it will take to reconvert just 3 episodes will be any better than what I've currently got. I still have 9 hours of Sopranos Season 4 to burn so you can maybe understand why I just want this program to work as it did previously and not have to spend days with something that could effectively affect what little quality I have left. My other option is to try and re-record these but, since they are On Demand and about to expire, I'm limited as to when I can record them and if I can beat the expiration clock....AGAIN. And all of this is just about the 9 episodes I have for The Sopranos and not the (probably) 100 give or take hours I have sitting on my computer.

  • columbia93

    columbia93 - 2013-10-24

    Well, here's how it's working out now...

    Yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours converting 3 episodes to .mp4. As predicted, DVDStyler crashed, which it has always done for me when working with the format.

    Note to creator: there is a problem with the Automatic on the video bitrate...it maxs and most of the time it crashes. I have to try and remember to set it Custom and then move it down a bit to give it a couple of minutes of breathing room.

    I went back to the original and fiddled with the thumbnails and got it to work well enough to go ahead and burn. 1 & 3 were Freemake and 2 was WMC. This time, WMC was giving me the problems. The finished thumbnails were choppy for Freemake, as I've mentioned before.

    Today I tried to create the next 3 episodes, which were all edited with WMC, and NONE of the thumbnails will take.

    Again, it takes about 5-6 hours to work through 1 hour so a 3 episode disk that is working smoothly takes about 12 hours (overlap thus the math) to create. All this fiddling is adding up and truly maxing out my frustration. I like the video thumbnails - as a matter of fact, long ago I mentioned it to the DVDStyler creator as a feature I liked in WMC - but I'm about done with them. I've yet to try the "image" thumbnails but I'm guessing they are probably borked too.

    Back to the drawing board...and basics, I guess.

    • MF35

      MF35 - 2014-01-04

      Hi, I'm newbie here. Trying to add a menu to a long slide show comprising several mpg's created in Powerdirector 7 (Powerdirector gives errors or hangs when burning the disc with a menu). I've had the same experience with DVDstyler playing 'fast and loose' with chapter thumbnails.

      don't know if I have really fixed it as I have not attempted disc burn yet, but have had some success with the following:

      r click button - properties - 'video...'

      reset slider to 0:00:00.000, then increase using up arrows until you hopefully see your required thumbnail. Use the 'reset button to generally prod things if necessaryand keep trying. I set most of mine to 0:00:05.000, but i got the impression that the prodding was the thing that made the difference, or maybe DVDstyler objects to the '0:00:00.000' value for some reason.

      click OK twice and save project before it changes its mind again!

      hope this helps

  • JMJ

    JMJ - 2013-10-24

    *I've been contacting Freemake repeatedly to try and get an earlier version to see if that helps the situation, but there has been no response. (I can't find earlier downloads on their website.) *

    Maybe here:



  • TomCap

    TomCap - 2013-10-30
    Post awaiting moderation.

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