No video using 2.61

  • Bob

    Bob - 2014-01-05

    Have been using DVDStyler for 3 or 4 years now. Has worked just fine. Upgraded to Win 8 Pro and Styler 2.6.1 and find there is no video on my DVD after encoding. Only audio plays, from the video.
    I found the problem with AVI files of 25,000 Kb/s, 16:9, 1280 by 720.
    With 720 by 576 MPG @ 5,000 Kb/s it still works, quite fast and video works in the DVD.
    What's the problem do you think?
    The Win 8 Pro upgrade?
    Or the Styler update to 2.6.1?

    • ecodrv

      ecodrv - 2014-01-06

      I am Japanese and my English is not very good.

      I have the same situation about one video file when I use DVDStyler V2.3-V2.6.1, Windows7 home premium.

      Please open "Properties - Title number" window of that title.
      How many "Video:" are there?

      My title has two "Video:".
      But software "mediainfo" says there is only one video stream in that video file.

      I think DVDStyler doesn't like that video file.

      I convert that video file by using software "any video converter free" before I use DVDStyler.
      It works fine.

  • Edward

    Edward - 2014-01-20

    Could be the version of avconv that doesn't like your AVI's subformat (XviD, 3ivX, MPEG-4, MS, etc). When things like this happen I usually convert the video to a High Quality DVD-MPEG (100%, just over 8,000 Kb/s, aspect 16:9), import to DVDStyler and make sure it is set to Copy instead of MPEG. However, if you movie is longer than 94 minutes, then you'll have to tweak it every step of the way.

    PS. However, if avconv used to support a video format, and then ditches it, then I'll write a formal complaint and wait a year.

    Last edit: Edward 2014-01-20

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