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  • Wayne Poore

    Wayne Poore - 2010-10-12

    I've been at it over an hour now, and as is usually the case I can't find help specific to my problem. I've even followed the tutorials, with pictures, videos……. things are glossed over, or told in "heady" language.
    I've created or "generated" DVD files over and over, but Windows Media Player will freeze when trying to open them. It takes forever to finally close out the player and move on. 
    The DVD files created will run thru DVDShrink , and VobBlanker with ease, producing not a single error message. Yet the
    movie wont play on the PC, nor on a DVD player. EVEN tho' I can burn the files to a disc?, and using several programs to do that succesfully. The DVD will not open to any menu, and no functions work at all, only to eject the disc , then trash it.
    As for finding help, here's an example of too little, or too much - but missing some small piece of information for the general
    Text taken from a tutorial website on DVDStyler;
    "…A final hint for the buttons. Each menu needs to have the 'focus' forced to a starting button. To do this, edit the properties for the menu and add a 'Pre Command' to force focus to the first button. A variable called 'button' is set to a multiple of the decimal value 1024, so if you want starting focus on button 2, use 2048 for the value:"        ???
       Please explain;  I understand the buttons and setting their "focus"…… but  forcing a menu's focus?  Doe's this mean when
    the menu appears, you decide which button is first hi-lited?  Then why not set the first button as default so at least all will go
    smoothly if you dont know about this?
       My experience time and again, is that any DVD files I create using DVDStlyer……. will not even start the first menu playing.
    Another vague help tip ;
    "Notice that after the Title finishes playing, the 'Post command' returns control to the Video Manager Menu_. Now,
    double check all your buttons, making certain they all jump to the proper Title/Chapter, etc." _      ???
         _ Notice What?……. _I've never seen any entry in the Post Command box??  And, why would control be returned to the Video Manager Menu?  One of the options is ; "jump to title ____"  which to me would mean, after the current  title plays, I want the DVD to continue right on to the next title, because usually it's like a commercial DVD.  I have a long video movie, but broken
    down into pieces accesible from the "chapter" (title??) menu……… but I'd want the entire movie to play non-stop. The user can
    stop and go back to the MAIN (manager?)  menu whenever wanted. Is that not ok to have each title jump to the next? 
         FIRST PLAY VIDEO CLIP <<  Can this be what I should focus on?  I want any DVD I author to start up on the Main menu.
    To me, that's the title of the DVD, and generally the PLAY button, and CHAPTERs button ( tho' it is forever confusing as to what's the difference between chapters and titles. Some apps seem to treat them as the same, and some not)
    From ,  I read about having a "first play clip", and the command text used for the options.  Is my MAIN menu
    not the "first play clip"?? , and how can I finally get a DVDStlyer authored movie to play, then burn a workable DVD?

    IF THIS HELPS…….some error notes pulled from the log following a "successful"??? creation. Always successful……..but not
    once has anything worked.  I'm not including the entire massive text , but only what precedes and follows the RED text , found
    twice in the log.;
    1st instance;

    'Output #0, mpeg2video, to 'C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_bg.mpg.m2v':
        Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 , q=2-31, 9000 kb/s, 90k tbn, 29.97 tbc
    Output #1, mp2, to 'C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_bg.mpg.audio0':
    Stream #1.0: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 224 kb/s

    Stream mapping:
      Stream #0.0 -> #0.0                 <<<((  in RED text ))
      Stream #1.0 -> #1.0

    frame=    1 fps=  0 q=-1.0 size=      17kB time=0.03 bitrate=4077.6kbits/s
    frame=  387 fps=  0 q=-1.0 size=    4332kB time=12.91 bitrate=2748.7kbits/s
    frame=  831 fps=  0 q=-1.0 size=    9282kB time=27.73 bitrate=2742.3kbits/s
    frame= 1267 fps=845 q=-1.0 size=   14071kB time=42.28 bitrate=2726.7kbits/s
    frame= 1701 fps=851 q=-1.0 size=   18859kB time=56.76 bitrate=2722.0kbits/s
    frame= 2145 fps=858 q=-1.0 size=   23652kB time=71.57 bitrate=2707.2kbits/s
    frame= 2576 fps=859 q=-1.0 size=   28438kB time=85.95 bitrate=2710.4kbits/s
    frame= 2848 fps=860 q=-1.0 Lsize=   31411kB time=95.03 bitrate=2707.8kbits/s
    video:31411kB audio:2615kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead -7.683858%
    Multiplexing video and audio streams
    Executing command: mplex -f 8 -S 0 -M -V -o "C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_bg.mpg" "C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_bg.mpg.m2v" "C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-tmp\
    2nd instance;

    Seems stream 0 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: 59.94 (60000/1001) -> 29.97 (30000/1001)
    Input #0, mpeg, from 'K:\aaVIDEO tempKdr\a_NEW SOL VIDEOS\SmOprHs 2dHr p3.mpg':
      Duration: 00:34:16.98, start: 0.500000, bitrate: 4235 kb/s
        Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 , 4000 kb/s, 29.97 tbr, 90k tbn, 59.94 tbc
        Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 128 kb/s
    Output #0, mpeg2video, to 'C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-cache\entry003.vob.m2v':
        Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 , q=2-31, 7968 kb/s, 90k tbn, 29.97 tbc
    Output #1, mp2, to 'C:\aVIDEOtmp\jump2vmMenu-AUTOaspcts\dvd-cache\entry003.vob.audio0':
        Stream #1.0: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 224 kb/s

    Stream mapping:
      Stream #0.0 -> #0.0                                 <<(( in RED text))
      Stream #0.1 -> #1.0

    frame=    0 fps=  0 q=0.0 size=      -0kB time=0.02 bitrate=  -0.3kbits/s
    frame=   18 fps=  0 q=2.0 size=     528kB time=0.19 bitrate=22535.5kbits/s
    frame=   34 fps= 33 q=2.0 size=    1047kB time=0.72 bitrate=11917.6kbits/s
    frame=   50 fps= 33 q=2.0 size=    1576kB time=1.25 bitrate=10346.0kbits/s

  • Matt

    Matt - 2010-11-05

    Good info MrLew…
    I have just started playing around and I first found no matter what I try to preview with before a burn…fails.
    So I can burn and change settings until it spits out a disc which may or may not play or allow me to selcet titles etc. I found if I leave all the settings alone, it usually works. But then a disc will fail burning the same file? Go figure….
    I have found as you have the focus is confusing too. I am going to try a few more changes to the file I know works and keep at it as when it works good so far.
    I'll add some more info as I learn about it too…


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